During olden days, most of the population accepted baldness as a natural occurrence. This was because people were unaware of procedures undertaken for hair transplant. In-fact, most of the people did not know if any treatment named hair transplant or hair restoration existed. In short during that time, people were less introduced to the use of hair restoration technology.

The best place for hair transplant can be chosen by considering various factors. Now this is includes:

Mumbai being the populous city and economic hub of India includes high use of advanced technology. Due to this, Hair transplant in Mumbai is highly affordable and advanced. Apart from the advancement, the doctors here are highly specialized in their respective segments and have come up with the huge number of success stories. For further assistance on hair transplantation procedure, its doctors and clinics, you may refer to ClinicSpots.

The average Hair transplant cost in Mumbai ranges from INR 28,000- INR 1,00,000. Now, this cost range varies from case to case and the experience of the doctor.

It is also determined on the basis of grafts required and opting of the proper type of treatment. Now this also depends on the baldness level of the patient. The pain in this treatment is quite minimal as the doctors give anesthesia before proceeding with the treatment.

Hair loss problem can be faced both by men and women. Basically, there are two types of Hair Restoration. Under this, the most popular options for hair transplantation are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and Robotic surgery.

Basically what happens in Hair Transplantation is that the hair grows in the transplanted area. The density of your hair might depend on density of follicles on those transplanted areas.

FUT is the oldest of all. It is a traditional method of hair transplantation.

Let us first know how different these treatments:

  • FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION – Under this method, a strip of hair from the back or side scalp is removed and then dissected to individual grafts.

The only disadvantage of this hair restoration method is that the scar of the extracted strip remains visible until the hairs grows fully.

  • FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION – Under FUE, individual follicular units that have 1 or more hair are extracted. Then the grafts are inserted in its place.

FUE is basically an advanced method of FUT.

  • DIRECT HAIR IMPLANTATION – This method is usually called a pain free method as the hair follicles are directly implanted into the bald area.
  • ROBOTIC SURGERY – Robotic surgery is much more accurate and guaranteed. Under this type of surgery, the procedure is designed by the specialist and performed by the robot.

Apart from all these, the hair restoration procedure is completely free from any side effects and is anytime safe.

Some of the specialized clinics for hair transplantation include:

  1. Kaya,
  2. Richfeel,
  3. Rejoice,
  4. Radiant and so on.

At the same time there is huge list of doctor’s who are highly specialized in this segment. Here is the list of some doctors for hair transplant:

  1. Dr.Shankar Sawant,
  2. Dr.Saurabh Vyas,
  3. Dr.Abhishek Pilani,
  4. Dr.Viral Desai,
  5. Dr.Yogesh Gupta and so on.

Post-surgery certain antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed in order to reduce the risk of infection and swelling. The fall out of transplanted hair is very common within 2-3 week post-surgery. Along with all these, there is a list of preventive measures to be considered pre and post-surgery such as no direct exposure towards the sun, no washing of hair, avoid smoking and this list goes on.

The most helpful thing post-surgery is that you can continue with your everyday routine work immediately after few days of your surgery.

It is advised to always consult your doctor and understand every parameter of hair transplantation process. Always ask him for the expected result and risk before undergoing the surgery.

Mumbai being the financial capital and the populous city of India provides a list of highly specialized doctors and clinics with advancements. Hence, Mumbai tends to be one of the best options for Hair Transplant.