All about the smart drug: Artvigil and what to know

There are various smart drugs in the market, but the active component that every smart drug uses is armodafinil. Artvigil is one such drug that helps people to stimulate their brain and treat sleep disorders. This helps people to function in a better way for everyday work.

This drug is nootropic or better called as a smart drug that is a brain stimulant for promotion functioning of the brain in various ways. It comes in generic versions that are safe to use and has less or zero side effects on human body. Hence, it is widely used for sleep and frequent awakening disorders.

The reason for Artvigil popularity

Artvigil is very popular among people, and the reasons for its popularity are provided below along with explanations:

  • Cheaper than other smart drugs – This drug is the cheapest form in the smart drugs that contains armodafinil. It does not sacrifice the quality and the reason for popularity. It costs 10% less than other main generic smart drugs.
  • The good reputation of HAB Pharma – The HAB Pharmaceuticals is an established and well-known manufacturing company in India that produces good quality of smart drugs. It is experienced and is popular in manufacturing smart drugs and providing to retailers.
  • Non-stimulating – The other name of this drug is Nuvigil. It is also found in this name, and the drug is not-stimulating and less strong on people that can be used daily. It awakens the cognitive functions of an individual. That is why it is popular.

Other versions of Artvigil

  • Armoda – ACI Pharmaceuticals (Symbiota) in Bangladesh
  • Acronite – Concern Pharma in India
  • Neoresoty l – in Chile
  • Armod – discontinued in India
  • R-Modawake – in India
  • Waklert- Sun Pharma in India

Prescription and safety

The prescription and safety of this drug are necessary to know for every people. The below are the points to understand its prescription and safety process.

  • Prescribed for sleeping disorders – Prescribed to patients who have shift work disorder, narcolepsy, awakening disorders and obstruct sleep apnea.
  • Prescribed for improving memory power – Also prescribed to people having aging dementia. It improves memory power.
  • Improves learning skills – Also taken by students in colleges and universities to improve learning skills and memory power.
  • Safe to use – It is safe if bought from genuine and reliable sources.
  • Non-addictive – It is considered safe as it has fewer side effects. It does not cause any addiction to people.

There are various genuine online drug stores that provide smart drugs. However, there are many drugs stores that are not genuine and authorized. Choose the authorized ones like RXShopMD that are selling genuine medicines.

Therefore, if anyone is thinking to try Artvigil, then they should be careful. This drug is considered as the best nootropics for medicinal use to improve focus, memory, wakefulness, and concentration. It is highly recommended if anyone is looking to boost their productivity and awakening power. However, it has less to zero side effects that can be ignored while taking the drug.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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