Will my penis impact the way I feel about my other half

A penis is a male sexual organ for copulation and urination. It’s tubular in shape and found at the abdomen of an individual. Like everything in nature, a penis goes through a series of changes over a human’s lifetime. Each phase is mostly controlled by hormone testosterone produced by the pituitary gland. The amount of the hormone (testosterone) produced between age 9to 17 determines the size of the penis of an individual. The human penis varies in size and circumference when flaccid and erect and measures include length. Other factors that lead t those variations include; level of arousals, time of day, room temperatures, the attitude of the partner, the agency and frequency of sexual activity.

This has impacted severally on sexual satisfaction of women including orgasm, sexual drive and game experience. Men less satisfied with their penis report more sexual problems. Although women have different preferences for erect penis in different relationships, they prefer a penis with a slightly larger circumference and slightly larger than the average length as compared to preferences on mans masculinity. A larger penis draws anxiety from women, and they think a larger penis is ideal than men actually think. A small penis in men decreases sexual confidence most especially when a woman is not satisfied during sexual interaction.

Also a small penis may affect the physical appearance of intimate partners because the man feels shy in front of the other partner most especially if they share sexual feeling together. A lot of women praise large penises hence men with larger penises are likely to have a lot of fun and courage in sexual interaction. A lot of relationships end because of a mismatch between the penis size preferences of the partners involved. More women sight a small penis rather than a large one. They tend to relate a large penis to sexual satisfaction and pleasure and hence a large penis motivates a sexually active relationship. A lot of men with small penis have opted to undergo penis enlargement surgery to change their appearance and also to increase the size.

Others tend to use medicinal during sexual to increase their strength, motivate their arousals and increase on the sizes of the penis. It has been successful to some extent but also it has a lot of health problems on the users that is addiction and future problems like sterilization. However, on the contrary the size of the penis does not enact on sexual satisfaction but rather the energy of the partner, age, relationship status, the aim and the sexual experience of the partners. In such situations it is therefore important to openly discuss related sexual issues with your partner. This is the first and foremost step of handling the issues arising.

Following the above relationship observations, the size of your penis can have an impact on the relationship with your partner although the observations are not factual or scientifically proven. It is therefore essential to discuss any sexual issues about your partner’s anatomy of the reproductive system to avoid the stereotypes.

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