List Of Food That Causes Constipation

Why do some people have repeated mood swing, behaviour issues, sleeping problems, and many more? Whereas other people have control over their emotions and get proper sleep at night. Problems related to the behaviour or some mental disorders required immediate medical assistance. These problems can be cured by Psychiatrist, who is the specialist of mental disorders. In today’s time, people forget to take proper sleep because they are racing against each other and eager to collect all the luxurious things. They come to realize their situation when it is already too late. To recover and get proper mental peace, they required to visit Psychiatrist and get a suitable prescription. In today’s time, every city like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and many more has expert Psychiatrist.  

Diseases other than mental problems also exist where stomach related issues are widespread. In the olden days, a problem like constipation was an old age problem. However, in current time, constipation is present in every age group. This is because of the eating habits and excessive intake of unhealthy food, E.g. Junk food, fast food, oily food, and many more. Often people say, nowadays, most eatable has some impurity. Irregular and unhealthy diet causes constipation. Let’s see the actual reason that causes constipation.

What causes constipation?

  • Insufficient water intake
  • Presence of fewer fibers in your diet
  • Consumption of a lot of dairy products
  • Holding urine for long
  • Stress
  • Consumption of some antidepressant (High) drugs
  • Physical inactiveness

Which is the food that causes constipation?

Alcohol: A lot of consumption causes too much urine and this further result as dehydration. Too much urine cause lack of water in the body and people start feeling dehydration. Inadequate hydration increases the chance of constipation.

Processed grain: Processed gain and their product like bread, white rice, and pasta are less nutritious and more constipated. These products contain very less fiber than whole grain, and that’s why more intake of processed grain increases the chances of anticipation.

Red meat: Red meat is generally rich in fat and low in fiber. Due to less fiber, it causes constipation.

Fried or Fast Food: Frequent and large amount of fast and fried food consumption also causes constipation. Vegetables and fruits can replace these fast options as fiber rich products. However, not all fruits rich in fibers like unripe banana cause constipation. Fast food consumptions even reduce the present fibers in the body. Fast food also takes longer to digest. This is another reason for constipation.

Do bananas cause constipation?

Consumption of banana brings a lot of advantages to the human body. This fruit is rich in fiber and also carries healthy nutrients. Although unripe banana causes constipation because it contains a lot of resistant starch that is hard to digest by the body, so it is better to avoid unripe bananas. Ripe bananas are good for digestion, and as recognition, ripe bananas have some brown spots on their peelings.   

Any disease gives an unpleased experience. Throughout the problem, a person can’t focus on the work, and daily chores get affected. A simple and healthy can keep all these diseases away, whether it is constipation or mental illness. Right time checkup and advice of doctor also work in preventing the disease. Nowadays, every piece of information is online, and the doctors are one call away. However, you need to be your caretaker first. Take healthy meal, do regular exercise, repeated laughter, and avoid junk or fast food are the few things which reduce the possibility of diseases to a great extent.

Role of General Physician in the problem of constipation:

Usually, people don’t bother about the problem of constipation until it turns to very severe. A physician does the proper checkups and prescribes the suitable medicine that helps to overcome the problem a lot during the initial stage. Contacting a physician is not a matter of worry anymore. There are helpful websites like care clues which have the list of good physician on their website. You may search the doctors in your city and contact them to get the appointment. For instance, you are residing in Kolkata then you may search as “General physician in Kolkata”, and you would have a list of experienced doctors. You can select the doctor as per your satisfaction and then take the proper consultation and stay healthy and fit.