What Are The Advantages of Getting a Hair Transplant Done?

Our hair are our prized possession and something that we are sure to get affected by if things are not right. Be it a man or a woman we do place a lot of importance on our hair. Even though men tend to be more affected by diseases like alopecia there are some cases wherein females too suffer from the same disease and let’s face it can be quite hard to take. In case you are suffering from baldness then looking for a hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad is something that you must have definitely considered. Hair transplantation is a restoration procedure that can be performed on men and women who are suffering from a significant amount of hair loss, thinning hair or even bald spots where hair grows no longer.

In the case of male-pattern baldness it generally happens due to genetic factors and hormones like DHD. Male pattern baldness is generally when the headline starts to recede, with your scalp visibility increasing more and more over time and ends up exposing new bald areas. A lot of men also experience a gradual thinning of hair at the crown or even the very top of the scalp. When it comes to women hair loss is generally due to hormonal changes and occurs relatively more uniformly throughout the head. Hair transplant clinics in Ahmedabad hence, can help you treat all that and even can help in cases where hair needs to be replaced due to some sort of burns, injury or even diseases of the scalp.

Here’s taking a look at the advantages of going to a hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad:

  • Since the transplantation involves taking follicles from your own hair and putting it back into the scalp the hair texture quality and colour generally ends up being exactly like your own hair as it looks quite natural. Once normal hair growth starts after 2 to 3 months you will find that your hair has recovered completely in about 8 to 10 months
  • Our hair transplant clinic will show you how transplant techniques have advanced significantly over the past few years – now a lot of different techniques are there to perform a transplant. One of the best-known techniques is follicular unit transference or FUT in which a strip of skin is taken out on the back of the scalp and then divided into various follicle groups and then we planted in the designated area. The next method is follicular unit extraction or FUE in which single hair is extracted and implanted in the designated area the results of this acquired permanent and quite excellent. In FUE you can see small tiny dots on the back of the scalp as opposed to linear scar in FUT.
  • Since hair transplants are completely safe and natural you will come to know that there are absolutely no chemicals and medicines that are used in the process that might actually end up damaging your natural hair. That’s why a majority of people prefer to come to a hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad.

The new hair that you will get, are completely manageable and also the perfect long-term solution for your partner. You will not have to feel conscious any more about your pending hair or bald spots, therefore, it is best that you visit us at our hair transplant clinic in Ahmedabad.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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