Best Home Gym Equipment for Small Spaces

Home gyms don’t require a lot of space, or a lot of equipment. In fact, it is amazing the resistance just our body weight can have if we are doing proper movements! So many people want to add weights and resistance without even trying to just use their body. One easy tip for increasing resistance is to introduce bands into your routine. Here is a quick mini band arm workout to try.  For instance, air squats can seem easy for some people, so we tend to add weights to them for some extra difficulty. But have you ever tried doing a squat with 1 leg? Now that takes some serious skill and strength! But, if you are someone who wants to add a little resistance to their workouts, here are a few pieces of equipment I think are great for home gyms…don’t break the bank and don’t take up space!

  1. Dumbbells – a set of dumbbells are very versatile and can be used for anything! If you are just looking to use them during workouts for just general health and not progressing forward (losing weight or gaining muscle) then you can get away with just having 1 moderate weight set. If you are looking to see some serious results and are exercising both for health and for “toning” then I would suggest getting 2 pairs – a lighter set and a heavier set. This will allow you to push your muscles are days you are using bigger muscle groups (like legs) and also allow you to progress further. Yes, at some point this does mean you are going to need to get heavier and heavier ones, but starting out with 2 pair would be ideal.
  2. Bands – another great piece of equipment that takes up no space, and you can even take them anywhere with you! Bands create great resistance because they actually resist you in both directions of the movement. When using dumbbells, it is usually only the lifting direction of the movement that is being worked, but with bands there is resistance/tension on the muscle during both the rise and lower. This just adds a new dynamic to exercise and keeps the body guessing! Use code HALEY at to get 15% off your band order, even cheaper gym equipment!
  3. Bench/Stool – this doesn’t even have to be fitness related, it can be any type of stool! This is a great addition because you can use it to step up on to strengthen your legs, step down off of, or walk up and down with your hands. The change in elevation/muscle length is a great way to use your bodyweight as resistance!

Like I said, it doesn’t have to be a fancy/expensive gym to get a workout in and see results. Just get a few inexpensive pieces and get to work. Any of these things could be used in the middle of you living room – your body doesn’t care where you are or what your setup looks like…just move it!