How much cbd oil should you give your dog?

CBD dosing for your canine companion can get confusing fast. Unlike regulated pharmaceuticals, no universal dosage guidelines for pets exist currently. However finding your dog’s unique CBD “sweet spot” need not require guesswork. Let’s explore the key considerations veterinarians weigh when advising proper hemp oil dosing for dogs of all sizes and sensitivities. Administering too little CBD oil fails to provide adequate therapeutic benefit so your dog’s symptoms persist.

On the flip side, too large or frequent doses trigger avoidable side effects like temporary drowsiness or upset stomach without added payoff. Either scenario wastes money and frustrates both pets and owners. Unlike toxic drugs, pure hemp CBD oil has an exceptionally high safety profile. But without professional guidance, improperly calibrated doses sabotage its effectiveness. Determining the optimal dosage and schedule that relieves your dog’s troubling symptoms without complications relies on insight from holistic vets leveraging cannabis medicine.

General dosing guidelines  

They generally recommend 0.5mg – 5mg of CBD per 10 pounds body weight twice daily. However, at least a dozen other factors like age, metabolism, and health status also impact ideal dosage considerably between individual dogs. For example, smaller or elderly dogs unable to tolerate oil volumes require properly calibrated drops from ultra-concentrated CBD pet tinctures. Giant breed or highly active pups often need upwards of 50mg CBD daily. Dogs already taking gabapentin or NSAIDs may need adjusted doses to avoid interaction while those already exposed to cannabis compounds adapt faster. Working with a trusted cbd oil for dogs friendly vet allows customization of supplementary cannabinoid regimens for your dog based on their evolving needs. Lacking initial clinical guidance, most owners find starting very low and then doubling the dose every 2 weeks until noticing benefits prevents overshooting.

Considerations for dosing

When first integrating CBD, reflecting on dosage in the context of your dog’s unique needs and circumstances helps determine optimal amounts efficiently without complications.

  1. Body Weight – Smaller dogs need much less CBD than larger breeds
  2. Metabolism – Sluggish metabolisms may require more CBD for the same benefits
  3. Age – Senior or juvenile animals need conservative doses adjusted to the effects 
  4. Severity of Condition – Mild anxiety needs less CBD than epileptic seizures
  5. Concurrent Medications – Drug synergy may require CBD dose adjustments
  6. Combining CBD with Prescriptions or Supplements – Holistic or conventional combinations may also need dose tweaking 
  7. Prior Exposure to Cannabinoids – Dogs acclimated to cannabis compounds often need higher CBD dosage 

While no universally ideal dosage exists spanning all dogs, insight from veterinary cannabis experts and pet parents with direct dosing experience provides a general framework to avoid critical missteps. Most owners eventually settle on a maintenance dose averaging 2 to 5mg CBD per 25 pounds of body weight long-term.

Administering cbd oil 

CBD oil formulations minimize guesswork and let owners easily calibrate doses to their dog’s size and sensitivity. Unlike treats or pills, oils provide maximum control over exact milligram measurements.  To boost compliance in finicky animals, owners often mix oil drops into wet or dry food. However, straight CBD oil administered directly into the mouth also works fast. Dogs detect no discernible taste or odor even without mixing into meals.  For ultra-small dogs, concentrated CBD pet tinctures containing up to 3000mg per bottle allow exquisitely precise microdosing. Giant breed formulas with just 30mg per ml prevent administering half a bottle daily! Seek help selecting appropriate concentrations for your dog’s stature.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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