The Best Marijuana Detox Methods Using Shampoo


Weed is legal in some places in the world. But that doesn’t mean that people are still okay with it. Marijuana has been frowned upon since forever because people are concerned with the effect it has on others. If you don’t know how smoking weed makes you feel, then here’s an explanation. Basically, the THC extract that is in the plant itself creates some sort of psychoactive effects on the brain, and it makes you feel relaxed and at peace. You can use it if you have anxiety or stress but in don’t go overboard with it.

Lots of employers require their employees to do a drug test to test their performance at work. This can be a severe problem if you use weed daily. It will be really hard to eliminate all the toxins from the system. The metabolites get attached to your whole body, and you will definitely fail the test. Especially if the drug test needs a sample of hair. The metabolites stay much longer on the scalp than in the blood. But don’t panic. There are ways eliminate all of them by using a cleansing shampoo. You can find this type of product in the local drugstore or order it online. Click here for more.

Here’s what you need to do for the metabolites to disappear completely:

Using the shampoo

Let’s say that the product you ordered has arrived. It will surely have instructions on it that you need to follow carefully. For heavy users, it is recommendable that they start washing their hair a few days before the test. The longer you use it, the better outcome in the end. Make sure that you wash your hair as you would typically do with a regular shampoo. Try to massage your entire scalp as much as you can before washing the shampoo off. Don’t immediately wash it off after applying the shampoo. You need to keep it on the hair for at least 2-3 minutes so that the skin can soak it up.

You should be able to determine easily how many days beforehand you would have to use it before taking the test. If you’ve smoked once in that entire period, then 3-4 days before the test should do the magic. But if you smoke non-stop, then you need to star washing the hair 10 days before taking the test to achieve the effect. You can always watch different video tutorials to see how often you need to repeat the process. You can easily follow other people’s example and get the same effect. To find out more about the subject, click on the link

How does it work?

Some think that by using a regular shampoo that the metabolites with disappear. This will not do the trick. Fun fact, detox shampoos are not used just for the toxins in the hair, but they also regenerate it by giving it vitality. Detox products contain extracts such as water, sodium sulfate,  avocado oil, etc. Basically, everything that doesn’t cause any harmful side-effects. Therefore, the shampoo is entirely safe to use.

Moreover, this combination of ingredients in the product aids the follicles in the hair to remove THC metabolites. The shampoo completely removes the only culprit that can get you caught. You can relax about that drug test because you will pass it. The THC metabolites are traceable, so they need to be destroyed. But, just to be on the safe side, be sure to order a test from home and try and see if you would pass or fail it. If this will ease your conscience, then do it. Get rid of the weed evidence by using best hair follicle detox shampoo on the market for today.

You might not be aware, but the extract concentrated in the product which is known as propylene glycol is the savior in this type of situation. Your hair will be completely free of toxins. If the drug test comes out as negative, then you can always use the same procedure for any other test that might pop out. Just be careful because some of those tests can come as a surprise from the employer.