What is the information that you must have during hair implant surgery?

The attachment to one’s hair becomes stronger if the hair begins to thin out. And it’s business right away. Cures, lotions, treatments and anti -hair transfusion up to Longhair Implant are the typical steps of trying to keep or get your hair back. More and more men who do not resign themselves to becoming bald and who decide to run for cover, they should not avoid the treatments of bald head.

Learn to distinguish real professionals from barkers

The real professionals are surgeons specialized in baldness surgery who have dedicated years of their careers specializing in this intervention, participate in conferences dedicated to baldness surgery and workshops to update the new therapies, for examples, Biofibre implants unique. The barkers are all those who promise false expectations. The internet can become a real trap as you can be in the wrong hands.This is why you must go and visit the professional as many times unless you get satisfy answers.

Two techniques for hair transplantation

The first is the STRIP or FUT technique that involves the excision of a lozenge taken surgically from the nape and containing up to a maximum of 4000 follicular units depending on the density per square centimeter and the length. The second technique is the FUE which provides the extraction of the single follicular units without the need to make the cut on the nape. Both of them are medically proven technology to do unlimited hair implants. With the first technique many follicular units are recovered to be implanted in a single session. In the second the feasible follicular units are decidedly inferior, the choice of one or another is at the discretion of the surgeon.

Hair transplantation is a real surgery

Autotransplantation is an operation that requires the participation of more specialized figures and therefore a team of professionals who, together with the surgeon guarantee the success of the Unshave hair implant and the patient’s safety. An anesthesiologist and at least four professional nurses who specialize in baldness surgery who deal with the separation and conservation of follicular units are required. With professional hair implantation, the result you get is impressive.

Conclusion: Not all patients can undergo the same procedure

Depending on the degree of thinning or baldness, the treatments are decided. Not everyone gets the same treatments but they all get the same results, happy hair. There are in fact supportive therapies that in some cases can avoid the intervention. Obviously you may be referred to thinning recoverable with galenic therapies or Meso-therapy and some supplements have the aim to increase the vascular component to reduce excess of dihydrotestosterone and thus provide more nourishment to the hair bulb.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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