Hair transplant has become quite popular nowadays as the prevalence of hair loss in increasing globally. People often choose hair transplant as it is the permanent solution for hair loss after trying exhausting and embarrassing temporary arrangements. Taking decision of hair transplant might not have been easy as it takes time to be sure about any clinic or surgeon when you are spending a handsome amount. After making your mind for this procedure everyone seems to have best possible results which can be delivered not only by the expertise of surgeon but also by your own contribution to follow the instructions provided  carefully before, during and especially after the procedure.

While thinking of getting hair transplant done people have raised many questions regarding the after care and complications following hair transplant procedure which includes:

How invasive this procedure is?

How many days to rest?

What could be the complications after hair transplant?

What care should be taken after the procedure?

When can I resume daily chores? And so on…..

As hair transplant procedures being minimally invasive procedures there are no major complications and after care instructions to be followed. There are very few manageable complications if any and few instructions which should be followed with strictness to achieve the best results.

Once you are done with the procedure you might get a list of instructions regarding what to do and what not to do from your hair transplant clinic. It is mandatory to follow each and every instruction as your efforts are equally important in getting successful results. 

There are few easily manageable complications are their solutions describes as follows: 

  1. Swelling:

Minimal Swelling and redness could be observed usually on forehead which could extend till eyelids for 3-5 days after the hair transplant procedures.

This can be avoided by following remedies: 

  1. Sleeping with head elevated at 45° for 3-5 nights after the procedure. 
  2. Apply ice every 2 hours 
  3. Ice creams and blood thinners (Aspirin) should be avoided for 5 days.
  4. Smoking and alcohol should be restricted for a week.
  5. Although you can resume work same day but it would be better if you could rest foa a day.
  6.  Head bands are usually prescribed for the next day after removal of bandage and should be applied for 2 days for 4 hours each day.
  • Itching after hair transplant:

It is a common finding after hair transplant. To manage it:

  1. Instruction to wash your scalp and applications of lotion should be followed.
  2. If severe then your doctor might prescribe you antihistamines drugs as per the requirement.


  • Pain after hair transplant:


Mild pain might be felt which is usually bearable and does not require medications but in cases of unbearable pain immediately consult your doctor which could provide pain killers. 


  • Infection after hair transplant:


It is not a common finding but in cases of negligence on hygiene standards by doctor or you it could be a consequence. It is better to avoid all kinds of dirt and bacteria for 2 weeks after the procedure. Avoid touching the donor area or the recipient area where new follicles are planted. 

Here is the list of additive instructions which should be followed for achieving successful results:


  • Exposure to sunlight: 
  • Sunlight should be avoided for atleast a week.


  • Wearing loose hats could be recommended when you are under sun.
  • Cap should be worn and removes with both hands to avoid rubbing it on the recipient area. 
  • You should avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight in your daily life or work life for first 2 weeks. 


  • Resuming Physical work:
  • Light work can be done the same day but is better to rest for the remaining day after the procedure.
  • Prefer any light work with less sweat.
  • Any strenuous activity should be avoided for atleast a month. 
  • Avoid playing outdoor sports for at least a month..
  • Swimming and heat exposure:


  • Do not perform swimming for a month after the procedure.
  • Avoid steam/ sauna and sunbath for at least 3-5 weeks after the hair transplant procedure.
  • Avoid any styling hot tools for 6- 9 months. 


  • Sexual activity: 


  • These activities should be avoided for 7 days after the procedure.


  • Sleep:


  • Sleeting with high pillow to maintain head elevation at 45° for three nights.
  • Avoid recipient area to get contact by pillow for a week.
  • If in case touching the recipient area seems unavoidable better place a rolled towel below your neck to facilitate least contact. 


  • Touching recipient area:


  • Avoid touching the recipient area for at least 5 days as it can cause infection and might displace the grafts. 


  • Food preference:


  • Avoid eating ice creams for at least a week.
  • Avoid spicy food for at least a week
  • Prefer nutritious food and vitamin c rich food for better healing.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking for a week strictly.



  • Lotion and shampoos: 


  • Prefer using only prescribed lotions and shampoos by the doctor for 2 weeks and always apply them as per the instructions provided.
  • Pressure should not be applied for first few days while applying anything on the recipient area.


  • Washing of hairs:


  • Immediately after the procedure: On the first day washing is not recommended and bandage will be there on your head. 
  • After 1 day: After a day you will be called for a appointment which will include inspection and professional washing
  • Day 2-Day 5: Avoid hair wash and touching your scalp for first 5 days. Only gently apply the lotion prescribed by the hair transplant doctor. 
  • Day 6: On day 6 you can have first hair wash at home. Wash your hair in lukewarm water and without applying and sort of pressure. Avoid using shows and gently wash the recipient area. After washing avoid drying of hair with towel and let it dry naturally. 
  • 1 week – 2 weeks: You will be instructed to wash your hair regularly with the prescribed shampoo. Including application of lotion also is advised for regular use to remove scabs. . Make sure to follow the instructions carefully as this period is crucial to achieve desirable results. Light massaging will be advised to you after 10 days of the procedure but make sure you are not too harsh on your scalp.  
  • 2 weeks later: After 2 weeks most of the healing would have completed and recipient area probably would have attained stability. Hence, there are no special recommendations to wash your hairs. You can continue with your regular shampoo and wash as per your wish. 

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