Right Toothbrush and More Kits for You

More powerful than manual brushes, electric toothbrushes are recommended both for better dental hygiene and to have a bright smile. Here is our guide, grouping several models selected by us.

Brushing your teeth can be random depending on your mood, the time of day, or if you are in a hurry. To ensure effective brushing, without too much pressure on the teeth, an electric brush is ideal and will always be recommended by your dentist. On the other hand, the myriad of variations, particularly in the Oral-B or Philips reference brands, are confronted with cheap models. To find your way through this offer, we are selling three products at very different prices: a very affordable Fairywill brush, a quality Oral-B rotary press and a Philips high-end sonic. You can have the best teeth whitening Kits also.

An electric toothbrush for cheap

Less than 20 euros, it is possible to afford an electric toothbrush. However, do not rely on reference brands but on Fairywill, delivering products of the correct quality such as this rotary type brush FW2205. It has three brushing modes and a vibrating alarm to change zone after 30 seconds, and has a two-minute cycle. If you respect exactly the latter, a full charge via its base will allow 14 days of use. Good point, an extra brush head is delivered.

Oral-B Smart Series 4000 3D: An Electric Toothbrush for Whiter Teeth

Largely leader in the electric toothbrush segment, Oral-B delivers a mid-range model specifically oriented to provide whiter teeth. More modern than the Fairywill, it includes all three brushing modes, the round head, the additional head and the indicator and the 2-minute program. But it also includes a “coaching” application for Smartphone analyzing your brushing via Bluetooth and advising you on the latter, as well as an alarm in case you put too much pressure on your teeth or your gums.

Some toothbrushes have more useful functions than others. So take the time to select yours according to your needs (whiteness, sensitive mode, connected gadget, even special model for your children), but do not limit your dental hygiene to brushing alone. Indeed, the latter is to be completed by a mouthwash and cleaning with dental floss to reduce the number of bacteria or avoid cavities.   

Is the electric toothbrush synonymous with good dental hygiene?

Few people can brush their teeth manually in an optimal way. Electric brushes are an effective way to remove plaque and have clean teeth and gums.

Which electric toothbrush to choose?

All brushes are worth more or less about the effectiveness of brushing, regardless of the price. The coaching functions are incidental, but some brushes have real pluses like pulse detectors or various brushing programs.

Should we choose a rotating or sonic brush?

Some people may be more sensitive to vibrations on low-end rotary models. They will then turn to sonic models, whose operation is softer (and more, silent).

What electric brush for whiter teeth?

Some models contain so-called “White” or Whiteness modes, suitable for whitening teeth thanks to a softer brushing.