Possibilities to reverse a tooth decay

Your teeth are not just to give you a bright smile but they also help in digesting food.  Tooth enamel is the hardest material of the human body but even this gets decayed if you don’t take care of your teeth. One of the major problems which everyone often faces is tooth decay. Dentist Kleinburg believes this is caused due to bad bacteria in the teeth causing plaque. It destroys the tooth enamel. You must be wondering if there is any chance to reverse the tooth decay. Though it is not possible to reverse it, you can apply a good oral regimen to overcome it.

This article will guide you regarding basic principles to forestall tooth decay.

  1. Basic oral care routine

You do not realize that your oral care routine needs some change.  Follow the below steps every day to improve your oral health.

  • To overcome tooth decay, brush your teeth twice in a day. Make sure to brush all till the surface, corners, crevices, and pockets.
  • You must floss once daily. It helps in removing the leftover food particles beneath your gums. Hence, this stops the bacteria formation.
  • Last but not the least using mouthwash can rid all the bacteria in your mouth. Due to its antibacterial features, gum diseases are prevented.
  1. Reduce the intake of sugar and improve on the diet

A proper diet can definitely reverse the tooth decay as suggested at Dentist Kleinburg.

  • You need to consume food rich in calcium such as broccoli, kale and dairy products. It leads to a strengthening of teeth.
  • Sugar leads to a greater chance of plaque or cavity, therefore, you must avoid juice, sweets or any carbonated drinks.
  • You should sugarless chew gums. While chewing these it, your mouth fills with saliva. This helps in removing the leftover food. Xylitol present in such gums does not lead to bacterial growth.
  1. Supplements

Although you maintain a good diet, you may still need some minerals and nutrients. For such purpose, there are below supplements recommended at Dentist Kleinburg.

  • Vitamin D
  • Cod Liver Oil also known as fish oil is rich in minerals.
  • High-quality probiotics
  1. Change your toothbrush often

Dentist Kleinburg advises to choose a medium-sized brush and rinse it properly with water. You must replace your toothbrush regularly as with time its bristles become infective. With the new one, you can clean your teeth properly.

  1. Use a dentist recommended mouthwash

An antibacterial rinse or mouthwash prescribed through dentist can rid the harmful bacteria. It can also heal the swollen gums.

  1. Visit the dentist at least once in 6 months

It is better to visit a dentist if the above steps fail. Dentist Kleinburg knows the right treatments.  Hence, once or twice a year you should book the appointment for regular cleaning.