Securing health is the most satiating feeling for an individual in a scenario of inflating medical expenses. When you are diagnosed with critical illnesses, you try to arrange money for all hospital bills which can in turn take a toll on your finances. Why allow the health risks take a toll on your finances when you have health insurance plans at hand?

Oriental Insurance is one amongst those companies that cater their services to both rural and urban community, with a very good claim settlement ratio over the recent years. It provides insurance to individual and different sectors like chemical, steel and petrochemical power plants. The company has spread its wing over various parts of the country with 31 regional offices and 1800 plus operating offices.

Reasons to buy a health insurance plan from Oriental  Insurance

With a myriad of policies to offer, Oriental’s Health insurance policies have been designed to fit well with everyone’s financial needs and affordability, thus meeting insurance expectations. Listed below are some of the key features that make Oriental Insurance worth your choice!

What makes Oriental’s Health Insurance plans stand out is the provision of no initial screening up to 55 years of age! For all individuals with pre-existing illnesses, who never get to enjoy a compressive insurance coverage, the company offers some exciting plans.

  • Comprehensive Health coverage: To meet the financial expectations of various individuals, the company offers comprehensive health coverage.
  • Daily cash allowance: Daily cash according to the sum assured is provided during the hospitalization.
  • Highest available amount insured: The Company offers the maximum sum insured to all its policyholders.
  • A drizzle of discounts: Oriental’s Health Insurance plans have always allured customers with the attractive discounts.
  • Lifelong renewability: Age doesn’t matter here. No matter how old you turn, the company provides potential customers the benefit of lifelong renewability.
  • Availability of Portability Option: The Company is never hesitant to help you switch to other insurers if you feel that Oriental fails to meet your financial expectations.
  • Quick claim settlement: It’s the time taken to settle a claim that decides the reputation of a health insurance company. Oriental Insurance in this regard has been very vigilant to provide a quick and hassle free claim settlement.
  • The company provides in-patient hospitalization cost like room rent, nursing charges, boarding expenses, ICU charges, doctor’s fee, medical fees etc.
  • Pre and post-hospitalization cost for 30 and 60 days respectively.
  • To meet the non-medical costs, the company provides daily cash benefit.
  • Domiciliary treatment costs are covered at a specific time.
  • Donor charges are covered for organ donation according to the selected plan.
  • As per the selected policy, convalescence coverage is offered.
  • Maternity cover offers to spend for all the medical expenses of the mother and infant.
  • As per the section 80D of IT Act, 1961, tax benefits can be availed.

Different health insurance plans from Oriental Insurance

Read along to find out the different health insurance plans offered by Oriental Insurance:

  1.    Oriental Happy Family Floater Plan
  2.    Oriental Overseas Mediclaim Plan
  3.    Jan Arogya Plan
  4.    Oriental Group Mediclaim Plan
  5.    Pravasi Barathiya Bhima Yojana Plan
  6.    Health Of Privileged Elders Plan

Happy Family Floater Plan:

The features of this plan are:

  • Inclusive floater plan for the entire family.
  • The company offers a single sum insured plan for the entire family.
  • Up to 60 years, no medical check-up is required.
  • The company offers flexibility to choose between TPA or Non-TPA services. Moreover, a discount on the premiums is provided if Non-TPA services are availed.
  • Two variants are provided namely, Gold plan and Silver Plan.

Overseas Mediclaim Plan:

The features of this plan are:

  • Protection against all the medical emergencies for trips outside India.
  • The company provides a sum assured between ₹5,0000 – ₹5,00,000
  • Both inpatient and outpatient expenses are covered.

Oriental Group Mediclaim Plan:

This plan aims to cater services to family members and corporate employees.

  • The plan covers for surgeries, anaesthesia, surgical appliances, operation theatre charges, medicines and drugs.
  • Covers for surgical procedures like pacemaker, X-ray, diagnostic test etc.
  • If the insured undergoes treatment at home for sports reasons, then the expenses are reimbursed for 3 days, subject to a maximum limit of 20% of the basic sum insured.
  • Exclusions are provided for acupuncture, acupressure, magnetic and similar therapies.
  • Dental or cosmetic treatments done for aesthetics aren’t included.
  • Expenses caused by nuclear war, invasion or other similar situations won’t be met.

Jan Arogya Plan:

The plan is specially meant to meet the needs of the rural community with affordable plans. The policy talks about leading a financially secure lifestyle which is necessary for each and every individual.

  • ₹5000 per person is the maximum liability for all consolidated claims.
  • Validity is on a yearly basis and can be renewed periodically.
  • The company has excluded the coverage of any pre-existing illness until 4 years post the initialization of the policy.

A healthy mind and body can help lead a joyous life. Health insurance plans from Oriental Insurance aim to promote wellness amongst all potential customers with the benefit of affordable premiums.