HypnoBirthing: Everything You Need to Know

Today, I want us to talk about HypnoBirthing ®the Mongan Method and Hypnobabies.  These are some of the words that you will hear most when it comes to childbirth, but what exactly are they?

Gone are the times when the only consideration for welcoming your newborn into the world meant a straight hospital or home birth decision. Today, expectant mothers are spoilt for choice and HypnoBirthing is one such birthing method that moms-to-be can turn to.

This isn’t a new trend since the method is based on the work of Grantly Dick-Read titled Childbirth without Fear that was first published in 1944. Today, many women are choosing to take this route due to a wide range of benefits that it offers. Read on to find out everything you need to know about HypnoBirthing.

What Is HypnoBirthing?

In simple terms, HypnoBirthing refers to an educational program that teaches mothers-to-be how to use a wide range of relaxation and breathing techniques to enter into a state of self-hypnosis during child labor and delivery. This birthing method may lead to pain-free birth.

Essentially, HypnoBirthing is just like meditating while in labor. The method combines relaxation, deep breathing, upbeat language, visualization techniques, and positive thoughts to make you feel confident hence making the birthing a little bit easier and stress-free.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind that you enter every day. Every time you fall asleep, your body passes through the hypnotic state. In essence, hypnosis is simply a state in which you feel calm, relaxed, and present.

It is more like a state of intense mindfulness where you are primarily focused on the task at hand, and you are very receptive of everything that is said to you. Can you think of a better state to receive your little one in? I guess you can’t.

This state of self-hypnosis means that you will most likely experience pain-free birth and have less reliance on the pain-relieving medication while in labor. And the good news is that HypnoBirthing can be used no matter the type of delivery that you prefer; whether it is a home birth, birthing center, birthing pool, or hospital birth. You will also find it helpful whether you undergo natural birth or otherwise.

Who Should Use HypnoBirthing?

Hypnobirthing is pretty good for every expectant mother out there. However, it is an incredible option for first-time mothers who are suffering anxiety surrounding the whole birthing process and want to feel adequately prepared before their delivery date.

This process also helps mothers get over a previously traumatic birthing experience.  HypnoBirthing is an excellent option to consider for your second or third baby if you had a bad experience when you were giving birth to your first born baby.

What Will You Learn in a HypnoBirthing Class?

Expectant mothers learn a lot of things in HypnoBirthing classes. First, you will learn how to eliminate fear and remain confident the moment you enter into labor. You need to keep in mind that fear is the biggest hurdle that stands between you and a successful birthing experience.

You will also learn to enhance your natural pain relief capabilities using powerful breathing and hypnotic techniques.  Best birthing positions is another essential thing that you will be taught and how to navigate the medical system to ensure that your baby is safe.