What next when you get hurt on the job?

While no one likes to think about it, it is possible to get hurt while working even if you work in an office-based setting. So what do you do next when you get hurt on the job, especially in Indiana? Well, you can turn to DOL Doctors Indianapolis because they are the best Federal Workers compensation doctors in Indiana. To find out more about the ways which they can help you if and when you get hurt while at work, read on!

About DOL Doctors and Federal Workers Compensation

When you get hurt on the job, your employer may refer you to a doctor who deals with work-related injuries and takes their worker’s compensation insurance because that doctor is in their network. You may feel pressured by your employer who may make you feel guilty like it is your fault that you got hurt while at work. You should know your rights as an injured worker and never succumb to this kind of pressure. Should you get hurt while at work, you need to know that you have the right to see any type of doctor you want to who deals with worker-related injuries. In fact, you’ll be better off if you do this because this doctor will have specialized training, education, and experience to effectively treat and heal your injury.  They will, therefore, ensure that you are returned to your usual fit self and are in good condition to return to work as soon as possible!

How can DOL Doctors help you?

You may ask, “How can DOL Doctors Indianapolis help me if I am ever hurt at work?” This is an excellent question to ask, and the answer is, “they can do so because their specialized education, training, and many years of experience will allow them to accurately diagnose your injury and any resulting illnesses. They can then prescribe the best treatments, medicines, surgeries, therapies, and other medical procedures to get you ‘back to your best in no time at all!’” The doctors who work at the clinic:  Jerry Powell, M.D., and Terry Tolle, D.C. are board certified which means that they have extra education and certificates in the field of treating workers’ compensation related injuries. Additionally, they have passed the board exams which in the medical field are a very difficult set of exams which doctors who want to have the elite ‘board certified’ credential must pass. A doctor who has this credential is one of the best doctors, both in terms of education, training, and experience, and talent in his or her medical field!

To summarize

You should see DOL Doctors Indianapolis if you live in Indiana and are ever hurt while at work because the doctors at this clinic have the special education, training, and experience to get you back to your best as soon as possible. They also have the insight to use specialized medical equipment like the Calmare Scrambler to treat nerve pain which may result from a   injury. This type of equipment can heal you from your pain and maladies in no time!