5 Basic Points: How Hair Transplant Solve Baldness

Hair loss is not limited by gender, race, religion, or geography. It affects men and women all around the world. From receding hairline to complete baldness, Men suffer a lot. Women too are not exempt from conditions like alopecia. Hair transplant is a boon to all of them.

Early Transplant History

Hair restoration has a rich history of research and experimentation. In the earlier years, Patients were not satisfied with the results. Technical inefficiencies and low quality tools did not help either. The surgeons themselves were learning and these complications arose –

  • Hair Plugs

 This is an outdated technique that produced defective results. Plugs or bunch of hairs were removed from back of the scalp. Balding area tissue was prepared with circular holes or slits. The plugs were put inside them and tissue was stitched back in a spotty manner.

After healing, The patients were dissatisfied with the look or appearance. The donor area had scars and the baldness got covered unevenly. Both safety and aesthetics became a big issue with this older method.

  • Unnatural Hairline

The older grafts and plugs created an unnatural look. In some patients, Baldness seemed like the better alternative. The hair re-growth was undistributed and had a pluggy look.

The hairline stood out or cropped up in an awkward manner. Extreme straight lines and bar code appearance seemed very unnatural. The dodgy look was a result of poor surgical skills as well as large sized plug grafts.

Cutting Edge Innovation

The earlier lessons led to more advanced methods like strip harvesting. As of now, cutting edge micro and mini grafting techniques are used. The FUT/FUE(follicular unit transplant and extraction) methods have elevated surgery to an art form.

The cosmetic surgeon mixes aesthetic skills and new techniques for best results. He also uses refined tools, computers, lasers, and electronic devices. New research improvements like platelet enrichment, cell therapy, tissue cloning, etc., are also underway.

Top 5 Benefits

Baldness can be disastrous if the patient is young and enthusiastic. His or her social life and career can take a severe beating. The best hair transplant is beneficial in these top 5 ways –

  1. “Donor Is Receiver”

Hair restoration is unlike heart, kidney or liver transplants. The cosmetic procedure is also less risky as donor and receiver is the same person. The bald areas or receiver is covered up with hair follicles from the same scalp.

The patient’s head and hair structures respond positively to this treatment. There is no fear of rejection or opposition to the implanted donor hairs. The balding patches also heal quickly and new hair grows fast.

  1. Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenic alopecia is capable of worrying even stout hearted men. The cost of hair transplant is also another major cause for concern. Early detection and preventive treatment can help for some time.

But the patient has to prepare and opt for restorative surgery very soon. Surgical costs vary between Rs 35,000 to Rs 1,80,000 in major cities. The innovative FUT/FUE grafts are expensive, but also highly effective. Natural hair grows back even on the crown or scalp.

  1. Female Alopecia

Noticeable hair thinning occurs on the scalp in this condition. Post-menopausal women are most susceptible to female alopecia. Thankfully, Transplant can solve this problem.

Make sure the certified surgeon performs a step-by-step procedure. Ask for latest treatment as women’s hair is a key asset. Your social graces return with high, dense volume of hair. Wear the new, lush tresses on the front, side, and top in great style.

  1. Sideburn Restoration

Disappearing hair on the forehead and sides is a total downer. The manly patient feels insecure due to flawed appearance. The scalp becomes visible and he gets depressed.

With cutting edge transplants, Even the sideburns are fully restored. The creative surgeon can even restore a stylish arc shape. It merges seamless with the forehead hairline.

  1. Face Lift Combo

Hair transplant need not be an isolated procedure. It can be combined with face lift surgery. Men and women can have an improved facial appearance after the surgery. Women, in particular, would fall in love with their own beautiful side profiles.

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