How to reduce stress with breathing exercises?

Take a moment to feel the breathing when relaxed. The breathing is deep and is filled with oxygen. Deep breathing can be experienced early in the morning as one wakes up after a deep good sleep. Deep breathing lowers the stress in the body. The breathing exercises help in relaxing. This is because the brain relaxes when a person takes a deep breath.

There are lot of options when it comes to breathing exercise for stress relief. Here are some of the best and easy breathing exercises

Belly breathing

This breathing can be done anytime. There are no constraints related with meals for doing this exercise. There are some exercises that should not be done before or after eating food.

Lie or sit in a comfortable position. Place one hand on the chest and the other over the belly just below the ribs. Now take a deep breath. Blow the air out through the mouth. Dont open it wide while blowing. Blow it like whistling through a small opening. Do not move the chest while blowing the air out. Also, allow the belly to push the hand out.

Repeat the exercise for 3 to 10 times. Feel the calmness after repeating the belly breathing exercise for stress relief

With the nostrils

Sit straight or lie down flat on the back. Close the right nostril with the thumb. Now inhale slowly and feel the tummy rising like a balloon. Hold the air inside. With the help of the fore finger now close the left nostril and exhale the air through the right nostril. While doing this consciously feel the stomach going inside. Now repeat the same by inhaling though the left nostril and exhaling through the right nostril. Do not change the fingers while closing the nostrils in both cases. Always use thumb for right nostril and fore finger for the left nostril.

Now repeat the same for 5 times. Keep the eyes closed for better result and to feel the effect of the nostril breathing exercise for stress relief