Top 9 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

The fashion and glamour industries are defined by clothing and hair. If you do not have long, flowing tresses, then you cannot attract others. Even those in other professions have to look presentable if not highly fashionable.

Strong, healthy hair is an asset that displays charisma and personality. But unfortunately, hair loss problems are always lurking in the vicinity. Actually, It is not so much luck but lack of nutrition that is the main culprit.

Other significant reasons for hairline thinning are listed here in a random order –

  1. Poor Quality Of Food – Follow a dietary regimen and eat protein rich, nourishing foods.
  2. Stressful Working Hours – Keep the head cool with walks, breaks, breathing sessions.
  3. Smoking And Alcoholism – Quit or bring down consumption of narcotic, addictive items.
  4. Lack Of Regular Hair Care – Maintain the hair with combing, gels, cleansers, shampoo.
  5. Sleeping Anxiety Or Disorder – Separate work from home and always relax after dinner.
  6. Genetics Or Hereditary Causes – There are genetic marker tests to identify higher risk.

Trials And Trends

The medical community does not take hair loss condition lightly. Look at some of the efforts undertaken by professionals to come up with solutions –

  • Conducting general hair loss studies regularly.
  • Publication of research results in books and websites.
  • Comprehensive studies relating nutrition and receding hairlines.
  • Clinical trials to grasp the contemporary state of hair loss.
  • Role of alternative medicines in treating the disorders.
  • Maintenance of hair health databases in libraries.

Prevention is better than Cure

Despite all the technical efforts, Human hairs are still vulnerable. Their diminishing numbers can be controlled through effective prevention. Check out this list of top 9 Tips on hair loss –

Doctor Approved –

  1. Rogaine Foam – It has a medicine known as Minoxidil for preventing further hair loss
  2. Propecia Pill – The hair doctor prescribes a pill or tablet with Finasteride inside.
  3. Hair Loss Kit – It is a unique treatment that combines Rogaine and Propecia.
  4. Oral Medicines – Contraceptives, spironolactone, dutasteride, etc., are prescribed.
  5. Laser Combs – A hand held low-level laser light to stimulate hair growth on scalp.

The above mentioned sprays, pills, and kits are contemporary and safe. However, Patient has to first consult the cosmetic surgeon. This is a mandatory step, more so, if you want to use different types of oral drugs.

The doctor is qualified to prescribe the right formula with accurate daily dosage. He also gives friendly advice and helpful instructions for stronger hair. To avoid risk, Always use the hair-loss products after seeking doctor’s approval.

How To Use-

  • Rogaine Foam – It is good for both men and women who have hair loss problems. You have to take the foam in hand and massage the scalp. Use it twice daily and chose the right concentration for best results(5%). 6 to 8 months later hair fall will slow down.
  • Oral Medicines – The doctor will prescribe separate pills for men and women. Take as per instructions so as to avoid unnecessary risks. They are preventive or combative in nature. The hair loss is slow down and sometimes new hair growth is possible.
  • Kits And Laser Combs – Follow the doctor’s advice, and read the instruction guide. Low laser light is harmless and it stimulates the hair follicles.

Home Remedies –

  1. Yoga – Breathing exercises and yoga postures are akin to hair treatment. Unlike gym and aerobics, You don’t have to sweat. The scalp’s blood circulation(head stand) is rejuvenated. Be careful and consult a doctor if you have BP, diabetes, or other issues.
  2. Massages – Fight hair loss by supplying healthy nourishment to the head. Massage with coconut oil, honey, egg, camphor, curd, gooseberry, etc., Make sure you apply for limited time and do not massage with force.
  3. Healthy Food – Fruits and vegetables are good for the entire body and mind. Consume more carrots, spinach, dairy products, and green leafs. You can also enrich the diet with lentils, cereals, vitamins, and minerals. Take care and use biotin on the doctor’s advice.
  4. Herbal Shampoos РShikakai (acacia concinna) is a medicinal plant extract. A plant powder is extracted from bark, leaves, and pods.  It is used in shampoo or oil massages.

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