Your Best Guide To Reducing Face Fat.

A number of us are fighting the same demon, waking up every morning with a firm resolution to keep the battle going and getting frustrated with little or no results over long periods of time. We are all struggling in this battle against body fat.

Body fat is one of the main issues that keep most of us on edge today. It is the main reason we refrain ourselves from eating what we love and push our bodies to the limit to burn that one extra calorie. The struggle is real and it gets tougher when you plan to reduce fat from a particular section of your body. Then you are concentrated towards one section, working it through extremes and hoping for results.

Though most people talk about belly and body fat, reducing face fat is as much an issue as is reducing fat from any other area on the body. If you too are with face fat issues, here are few tips that might help you with your battle against your demon.

*Facial exercises are a thing and you should totally start doing it.


Though there is not much evidence to support the fact that reduce face fat but studies have shown that exercises like forcing a smile for multiple seconds with tightly clenched teeth have resulted in rejuvenating the face. Exercises like blowing air in and out with puffed cheeks have also shown positive impacts.

*Drink loads and loads of water.


Drinking water has always been good for the skin and it also helps reduce fat. This make you feel full and hydrated which leads to burning of more and more calories, thus reducing fat. Keeping hydrated also helps improve metabolism and prevents the bloating and puffing of your face.

*Keep a check on your alcohol intake.

A few drinks at a party or a couple glasses of wine during dinner is fine but make sure you do not over do your alcohol consumption while you are planning to lose fat. Alcohol is devoid of nutrients and adds to your body fat and also to the fat on your face.

*Get proper sleep and maintain a good sleep schedule.

Sleep is very important and proper sleeping patterns can help you lose all the puffiness and bloating. Due to lack of sleep your facial muscles might swell and look bulky but with proper sleeping patterns you can get back your slender charming looks back.

*Get chewing gums and chew them regularly.


This might sound absurd but chewing gums will help you toe your jaw muscles and will get them in proper shape. This will help you get a proper jaw line and will also get your face back to looking sleek and slender.

*Massage your face regularly.

Massaging your face with essential oils will not only add a special glow to your face and add nutrients to your skin but will also help tone your cheek muscles and thus make your face look sleeker and slimmer.

*Include dairy and fruits to your diet.

 Not only are fruits and dairy good for your health but will help you lose face fat as having these will restrain you from have junk and oily food and thus lower your calorie intake and thus reduce fat.

There are many more things you could do to help reduce facial fat like, blowing balloons regularly (it is a good exercise for your cheeks), cutting down sugar and salt intake, doing lip exercise, etc. Remember being fat or looking fat is not something wrong or offensive but if you want to look slim these are the prices you pay.