How does Erectile Dysfunction Ruin your Life?

And you thought erectile dysfunction is nothing but a minor problem that can either be ignored all your life or be treated with random medicines your friends have told you to consume?

Not really – of course there are certain names like cialis generic that have been proven the best ones to work for men with erectile dysfunction, but that does not mean this issue does not affect your body in any way at all. In fact, this is the problem that has the potential to ruin your life, unless you are not very sure about having sex or getting into a relationship with anyone.

Firstly, you feel less confident to talk to other women, if you are straight, or other men, if you are bisexual, gay or bi-curious. This is because, at the back of your mind, you are always thinking about the problem you have been going through, or are currently going through. You need to come out of that dilemma of not having what it takes to be good in bed and only then you can be very confident.

Secondly, if you are so less confident about talking to other people you have a crush on, imagine how you would respond when your crush comes and asks you out on a date. Since you know you can’t perform good in bed due to your erectile dysfunction issue, there is no way you even think of getting involved with your crush because you don’t wish to lose your impression.

Thirdly, you are unable to enjoy making love to your partner, if you are already in a relationship. You don’t have a proper or full erection and thus, you are neither able to satisfy yourself, nor your partner. It becomes quite stressful for both the lovers.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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