What is the time duration to become a Dental Hygienist?

Those who choose a career, always look for the time duration of the same. This is because you need to carry out your financial plans accordingly. It is found that medical field education involves a longer duration. However, the field of dental hygienist is not that long. It is the only medical field where one can quickly get the degree. Toronto College of dental hygiene  provides you a degree and also a license to practice.

You can find below the details of various degree options.  These are the courses available at Toronto College of Dental Hygiene. So let us check out them.

Associate’s Degree which is a course of 2 years in dental hygiene

It is the most selected option to gain knowledge on dental sciences and hence, get a degree. This program is for a duration of 2 years. In this program, you learn how to take a patient’s care. Also, you gain experience in critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork ability.

You get prepared to face various situations in the professional world. Toronto College of Dental Hygiene trains you well for interacting with patients and healthcare experts.

Dental Radiology and Oral Pathology are some important subjects taught under this course.

Baccalaureate Degree is a course of 15 to 18 months

A baccalaureate’s degree is a program designed especially for a dental hygienist. It is a program which is for someone who has received an accredited associate’s degree along with a dental practicing license. This is a course of 15 to 18 months. It is generally started after you begin your career as a dental hygienist.

It is for people who want to gain more knowledge in dental hygiene.  This program is also available online.

Bachelor’s Degree is a course of 4 years

In comparison to an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree is a longer duration program. It is a 4-year program where you can a good chance of getting a highly paid job.

Although it is a long degree program, still these programs groom you well for actual situations. Toronto College of Dental Hygiene makes you learn subjects such as Dental Specialities, Periodontal disease and such. Also, you get trained in making health plans for the different age group.

Master’s Degree is a course of 1 to 2 years

It is a comprehensive program for people who want to go into the field of education or research. If you are working part-time, the course will take 2 years. In full time, you can finish it in 1 year.

Lastly, you have to complete a Licensure’s test which has a maximum time duration of 2 years. You can try multiple times for this test with a gap of 90 days.