Myths About Face Oils – True or False?

When you talk about face wash, makeup etc. eventually, all irrespective of women and men claim that they do them all oil-free. Often, a question comes to mind “is oil or specifically face oil dangerous for the skin or face? Some oils obviously are not good for skin because they have synthetic properties with them. But oils in general and particularly the natural and organic oils are not only good but they help in developing skin health and are used for facial skin treatment. Therefore, the dangers of oil, as people talk about, is not always true, they are myths.  Contact L’Atelier Candide essential oils for the best face oil and for the best essential oil. Know about the myths of face oils below, and internalize whether they are true or false.


  • Face oil causes breakouts and clog pores: It may be true in case you are using comedogenic oils like synthetic oils or mineral oils which normally have molecular structures and may clog pores. But natural plant-based oils like grape-seed oil, coconut oil, avocado oil never cause breakouts. On the other hand, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oils like sandalwood oil are normally prescribed to improve acne-prone skin. Therefore, what you need to do is to carefully read the ingredient or composition label and see if there are any skin damaging synthetic properties in the oil. Make sure you have plant-based particulars in your oil like pomegranate, rosehip, olive, etc.
  • Face oils not good for oily skins: This statement is false and a myth. Many skin doctors and experts tell that contemporary face oils are more emollient and they instantly absorb in the skin and give a glow. The only challenge to accurately identify your skin type and find the right oil for you. Many people who are in the 20s, use face oils in the evening regularly for nightly time repair of their skin and extremely doing well. People who are at their 30s normally use face oil twice in a day, once in the morning and again in the night. Face oil should be compulsory for dry skin people. They must use face oil as a makeup primer.
  • You don’t need face oil if you moisturise: In fact, face oil helps the moisturiser work better on your face oil especially in dry skins. Natural oil stop water from evaporating from your face particularly if you are applying  water-based skin cream. You can add tow or three drops of face oil in your face cream for better result.