Reason to Maintain and how to maintain proper oral hygiene

Dental care refers to the practice of keeping one’s teeth and gum healthy by maintaining oral hygiene, visiting the dentist at intervals or even doing oral surgeries when one has infected teeth. Some basic practices that can help maintain good oral health include brushing one’s teeth at least twice in a day using toothpaste, avoiding chewing or smoking tobacco as it stains the teeth, ensuring moderated alcohol drinking if one drinks alcohol, ensuring sugary foods are taken in small quantities and teeth brushed after eating them and if it’s possible one should visit a dentist regularly to have their teeth checked for infections and cleaning to be done. Everyone is also advised to change their toothbrushes at least once in a duration of 3-4 months as some bacteria may stick on the brushes and make brushing almost useless. Tooth decay or gum disease is caused by a staining sticky colored substance that forms on the teeth and not removed for a long time. Plaque is not just a colored substance but a deposition of bacteria on the teeth that which stays on the teeth causes tooth decay, bad breath, and gum diseases. Below is a picture showing plaque stuck on teeth.

Plaque can lead to several severe health issues. Among them is;

  • Gingivitis- This is characterized by reddening of the gum or bleeding during flossing or even brushing. When left for a long time this can cause a more severe condition known as Periodontitis.
  • Periodontitis- This is an advancement of gingivitis and is characterized by destruction of bones around the infected gum area. The progression of periodontitis only happens when gingivitis is not curbed even after being identified.
  • Caries- Bacteria as all other living creatures excrete and their product is an acidic substance that causes the demineralization of the enamel (the white structure of a tooth) exposing the inner layers of a tooth. This is characterized by blackened teeth surfaces and sensitivity among others.

Tooth decay starts off as a simple and with no great impact on those involved. The first step involves the formation of white spots on the surface of teeth as a result of the loss of calcium, enamel decay follows, the third step involves dentin decay, the other step involves the pulp(center of the teeth with living tissues) causing pains and sensitivity. The final stage involves decay of teeth up to the roots which are the most painful stage in tooth decay and then tooth loss. Several ways exist of stopping the spread of plaque or its later effects. Such include the use of plaque disclosing gel and using the disclosing tablets among others. Brushing teeth using fluoride toothpaste and visiting the dentist regularly can also help prevent plaque.

With time many people have been complaining about the aftertaste after using fluoride toothpaste. This has seen the invention of dental products that have sensational tastes to match the need of every user of dental products (which is almost everyone in a civilized society). This was done by a dentist from West Hartford David Epstein whose main concern was making dental products to be used by children.

 Maintaining oral health is important as any other body maintenance process. Below are among the many reasons for maintaining oral health.

  1. Maintaining oral health help in maintaining of healthy mouth gums and teeth- Oral health keeps the teeth strong clean and the probability of getting infected reduce greatly.
  2. Help to prevent severe health complications- Simple routines like brushing the teeth prevent complications like gingivitis, dental caries among others. Some oral complications are even associated with hearth problems.
  • The degree of confidence increases greatly- Healthy teeth, fresh breath, and cloud white teeth give one confidence to talk in front of people or even in the doing of simple practices like smiling.
  1. Proper oral health can help reduce pain- The pain of surgical procedures to remove bad teeth or even toothaches can be avoided by simply maintaining oral hygiene.
  2. Oral health enhances one’s appearance and the quality of life they are leaving- It takes courage and priority setting to do many things in life. One with the time to do simple things like maintaining a great oral health are also in a way lead to great lives. Proper health is empowering and can give one the peace to do other useful tasks.