Losing Weight Fast: 3 Simple Steps, Based on Science


According to statistics, most people who are in fitness today have a dream of losing weight. Even people in athletes and bodybuilding have a dream of having lean muscles. That is why they will go for great enhancement gear. Consequently, there are numerous publication that have been posted online to advise people on how to lose weight fast. Some are practical while others are not.

The good thing is that losing weight is possible when one gets reliable highlights. This publication is one of the most informative pieces to all people who want to lose weight. It will focus on the three simple ways to lose weight, which are based on science.

Exercises: Lifting Weights

On top of the regular exercises that you have scheduled, it is highly recommended that people lift weight for about four times in a week. Prior to a weightlifting session, make it a habit to warm up to keep injuries at bay. All people who have consistently lifted weights during their efforts to cut weight have seen positive results. Do you know why?

Weightlifting is a great way to burn more calories within a short time. According to science, you are likely to burn two or three times more when you lift weight as compared to cardio exercises. These activities trigger metabolism activities which remain active even after the workouts.

Reduce Starches and Sugars

The number one triggers of weight gain include the starches and sugars. Most of the calories that people consume in a meal come from the carbs. They can have as high as ten times more than vegetables and fruits. In the end, will have so much weight adding in their body since the extra carbs are stored as fat. A simple theory which really works is to eat the minimum required to support the normal body operations.

When people drastically reduce the carbs, they lower the chances of storing fat in the body. Further, exercises and other activities will be forced to tap into the fat stores for extra energy which is a great start for losing weight. Keep tabs on the calories you consume in a day making sure that they do not go overboard.

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables

Science also claims that fruits and vegetables have numerous benefits to the body and rarely have a lot of calories. If they take a larger portion of your diet, followed by proteins and a small portion of carbs, then you are on the right trend of losing weight. Popular vegetables and fruits to eat include green vegetables, root vegetables and all varieties of fruits.

They will rarely get you into the problem of adding weight. Instead, they will shape your goals of losing weight in the long run, especially for those who take exercises seriously.


There is no shortcut to losing weight than following these steps that are based on science. Staying determined and disciplined has a big contribution to the success of these efforts. Wishing those who have started the journey all the best.