Improve Your Concentration Level with Study Drugs

Study drugs basically indicate the prescription drugs that are normally used to improve the stamina and concentration level when it comes to studying. These drugs are actually the prescription stimulant medicines which are inappropriately used by a person or sometimes even illegally acquired without any prescription. Such medications are usually used to treat disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that affect impulse control, attention span, self-discipline and hyperactivity in kids suffering from ADHD.

List of non-prescription drugs

There are certain non-prescription study drugs that help to improve the cognitive functions and are made of natural and herbal supplements. Such drugs cannot be sold against any prescription. Many nootropics components are found in the food we take but some of us like to take them in the form of supplements. In this case, Racetam class is considered as an interesting group of chemicals that is very well-tolerated and known to have negligible side effects. It is used to treat Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in people along with general neuro- degeneration. It has even successfully proved itself. Almost all the Racetams works in a similar way but they vary in terms of their structure and strength. Some are good for enhancing the memory while others at improving the attention.

List of the prescription drugs

The prescription study drugs that are used by most to treat medical conditions are as follows:

  • Ritalin is the famous of the lot and used to treat ADHD. It is very close to substances like amphetamine. This drug acts upon Norepinephire and Dopamine in the human brain and helps people to focus. It is considered as a very useful study drug that improves attention span and lets you combat fatigue.
  • Adderall–This is another common drug used to treat ADHD. Its intake enhances clarity and mental awareness and is usually stronger than Ritalin. It was initially used by the American Air Force to help their pilots overcome fatigue and to cope up with the speed of their high speed fighter jets.
  • Modafinil – This drug is used by Narcolepsy patients and people suffering from excessive fatigue to overcome the same. It is also used to improve the cognitive functions. It is considered as a safe drug as it does not cause addiction and euphoria. It is taken by people to stay aware and awake. But its effects are not as noticeable as Ritalin and Adderall.
  • Ephedrine – This powerful stimulant is prescribed by many doctors in certain countries as a decongestant and appetite suppressant. Just like Modafinil, it has weak addictive and euphoric properties. It is sometimes even used by bodybuilders along with Aspirin as a quick fat burner.It is also known to improve your attention and alertness. In the US, it is commonly used by students to help in their studies.

Buy online

The study drugs that are used not only by students but also used to treat Dementia and Alzheime’s disease can be easily acquired online. Factors like efficacy, legality and price makes online purchase easy and popular. In the US, there are many laws that stop you from purchasing and selling illegal medications. So, buying it onine is the best option that protects you from such laws.