Indulge in Coffee for a Bright, Glowing Skin

Your morning cup of coffee might give a boost to your mind and body but few people know that it is also extremely helpful for your skin. While coffee is normally used as a beverage, it is not widely used as a skincare remedy. The antioxidants packed in the coffee are responsible for giving the skin a fresh look and fight off free radicals

As you can reap the benefits of coffee from drinking it, the skin benefits from coffee are mostly obtained topically. There are skincare supplements that contain coffee extracts that you can buy from Otherwise, you can use coffee in a mask, scrub, or paste from fresh coffee grounds and applying these to the skin directly.

How coffee can benefit your skin

Take a look at some of the benefits coffee has on your skin.

1. Cellulite reduction

Coffee helps reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin which makes the skin look aged. The caffeine present in coffee reduces cellulite by dilating blood vessels and improving blood flow. As result, the skin looks fresh and less aged. This method can be utilized with the help of a coffee scrub as the exfoliation will smooth your skin, take off the dead skin cells and make the appearance smooth and fresh.

2. Calming effects

As coffee is renowned for its stimulating effects when it goes into the body, it provides more effects when applied to the outer layer of the body. The antioxidants present in coffee are an excellent source of calming the skin. It helps reduce inflammation as well so it’s best for acne-prone skin. 

3. Anti-aging benefits

Applying coffee to your skin twice or thrice a week may help decrease the appearance of redness, sunspots and fine lines. There are many benefits to applying coffee to the skin one of which is the anti-ageing properties. So what more do you need.

4. Reduced inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effects that coffee is famous for, is attributed to melanoidins found in it. The chlorogenic acid (CGA) found in coffee is linked to reducing hyperpigmentation and inflammation that may cause skin defects.

5. Dark circles

Coffee helps treat stubborn dark circles and eye bags under the eyes; this is due to the caffeine content which helps dilate blood vessels responsible for creating dark circles. Simply make a paste of coffee grounds and a few drops of olive oil, apply this paste under the eyes and wash after 20 minutes. Doing this regularly will greatly reduce dark circles and eyebags.

6. After-sun care

Coffee is also beneficial for protection against harmful sun rays. You can make a soothing treatment for sunburns with the help of coffee. Follow these steps:

1. Brew a fresh cup of coffee and dilute it with cold water.

2. Place a soft cloth or towel in this coffee water and wring out any excess.

3. Gently dab and cover the cloth on the sunburned areas of the skin

4. Repeat numerous times a day and you will see a reduction in redness and swelling.