A Guide to Oil Slick Hair

Desirous of a new and beautiful hair trend? Oil Slick Hair is the hairstyle that will suit your chic need.

Oil Slick hair is a color technique that incorporates a mixture of iridescent tones of purples and greens. 

This tone is apparent on the top layer of the hair and gives it a somewhat ‘inky’ glisten. 

Let us look at how you can add color to your hair with a less damaging impact.

Understanding Oil Slick on Hair

The oil slick hair technique adds bright hair colors like varying shades of purple, grays, black and green with an oily effect appearance. 

The lightening process for the oil slick is far less damaging on your hair strands, even with just one visit to the salon for the process to be complete. In this process, your hair will remain healthy.

Oil Slick color can go as long as 6-8 weeks without being maintained. Oil slick hair is cheaper to maintain than pastel colors. 

How to Achieve Oil Slick Hair

The oil slick hair procedure consists of lifting the hair with a balayage technique that is used to achieve a pre-lightened midshaft to the end of the hair strand. 

Darkening the base of the hair strands to a cool brown or black is a critical step to achieving the oil slick look because of the cool tones. 

The color and lightener should first process before the rinse. Hair should not be conditioned, and when drying, it should only be done up to 90%. 

There is no need to worry about how the colors should be placed; it solely up to you. 

However, a great tip is to place at least two different colors within one part (closer to the root and closer to the end). The parts should be laid on top of each other using foils.

Oil Slick Quick Steps

  1. Lighten. This is achieved using a balayage approach.
  1. Color. Great selections include Redken and L’Oreal. Here you can also decide if you would like temporary or semi-permanent oil slick hair.
  1. Application 

Oil Slick Hair Color Maintenance

When caring for your oil-slick hair, it’s essential to use color-treated hair products to ensure your hair is kept in a healthy condition. 

Oil Slick Trendy Hair Styles

  • Braids
  • Pig tails
  • The Wet Effect
  • Waves

Final Thoughts

Looking for a new and lasting look without extensive hair damage? The oil-slick hair look is for you! 

You will get beautiful, bright, and vibrant colors that will last and give you the chic appearance that you desire.