How to survive stress during pregnancy

During pregnancy, there are many changes taking place in your body; physical, physiological and psychological. If you’re experiencing stress, occasionally, then it’s expected and not harmful to your baby. However, there are instances you’re getting anxious every other day and this could be dangerous to the baby. Stress during pregnancy can lead to premature birth or birth at a low weight. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn how to manage the stress levels so that you don’t affect the little angel.

Then, you may ask; “how do I reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy?” Follow through and see how.

  1. Focus on the baby

Relaxation is one of the perfect ways of keeping your anxiety down. Often, pause, relax and focus on the bump. It feels good to see how the baby is growing, enjoy the small moves that it makes and appreciate it. At approximately 23 weeks, the little one can hear your voice and thus, sing to them, read and chat with them as you do to a grown up. At such level of bonding, you’ll easily forget about your worries and the stressful environment around you as you focus on the innocent one.

  1. Rest and sleep

Yes, simply put, just rest as much as you can and be a friend to sleep. Keep an eye and an ear to your body. When you feel like you’re exhausted, then it’s time to take a break or a nap. Enough sleep leads to a healthy pregnancy and it’s important for your mental health.

  1. Talk about it

Are you worried about the baby’s wellbeing or could be you have a personal problem, seek assistance from your midwife or a natural fertility doctor, who will give you a reassurance? Be honest about your feelings; just tell them everything about how you’re feeling. This would help them in determining the best way to help you. Again, you need to hang out with other pregnant mothers with whom you can share experiences. Talking things through gives you a reassurance that whatever you might have seen is normal- it actually makes both of you feel better.

  1. Eating well

Your baby depends on the food you eat for their feeding and therefore you must ensure that you eat a balanced diet on a regular basis. Regular feeding ensures that your sugar levels are high and therefore you’ve enough energy. Low sugar level, on the other hand, makes you feel exhausted and irritable. Find out the kind of food that makes you feel good; this will give you a great emotional feeling. Change your diet to suit what you are craving for; this will enhance your attitude. Before you sleep, you can consider a cup of some non-alcoholic/ caffeinated drink like milk.

  1. Some gentle exercise is great

Exercise could be the last thing you’d think about, however, some gentle exercises would lift your spirits, especially for a pregnant mother. There are feel-good chemicals that are released when you exercise. Check with your midwife on the best exercises; avoid contact sports and any other strenuous exercises.

Stress is one of the leading causes of miscarriage and premature births in America. Thus, one must do all that it takes to deal with it. The above tips will help you in managing anxiety and keep fit during pregnancy.