Plant A Tree Whenever Your Pulse Oximeter Says You Have Low Oxygen Saturation.

What is a Pulse oximeter?

A pulse oximeter is a device that helps to measure the oxygen level in your body and your Herat rate. It is mainly useful for infants but also a need for individuals.

Finger pulse oximeter is the exact device that is loaded with such technology that keeps the record of your pulse rate rapidly. To keep the track you have to have a good technologically advanced finger pulse oximeter. There is another device called heart rate monitor that is also used to track your heart rate by blood flow.

Why you need one?

  • Pulse oximeters are useful for people who have conditions that affect oxygen saturation. For example, a sleep specialist might recommend a pulse oximeter to monitor the night-time oxygen saturation level of someone with suspected sleep apnoea or severe snoring.
  • Pulse oximetry can also provide feedback about the effectiveness of breathing interventions, such as oxygen therapy and ventilators.

Uses of heart rate monitor

Generally used by athletes. This device is used to monitor the heart rate of a person means when a person exercise, this device helps to measure the capacity means how extreme you can do exercise. You can have a rough idea about that my measuring your heartbeat.

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