How to get rid of Alcohol addiction

We all know that alcohol is a powerful intoxicating drug. In truth it is one of the most addictive substances available on earth. The companies package this poison so beautifully that we start falling for the decption of it all. But you must have noticed that some people have a high power to resist. They drink but do not behave like a drunk. Have you ever thought why? A thoughtful question for sure. Isn’t it?

People usually drink to socialize and to forget stress, anxiety and daily pressure of life. Nowadays almost everyone loves to drink alcohol. From your friends to your family members or colleagues, everyone loves to take a drink to cope up with life.

Why has this world converted into a world of drinkers?

First of all it’s a wrong assumption that everyone drinker feels and thinks the same way. It’s a completely wrong concept. After taking a drink our brain becomes alive. It lights up but instead of giving light it starts fooling ourselves. It makes us believe that we are truly enjoying the delightful taste of this poisonous alcohol.

It sometimes amazes people that most of the drinkers take drink to fit in the crowd. Yes! You heard it right. Usually people find the taste of the drinks unpleasant and sometimes unbearable. But still they drink to get rid of the social awkwardness.

Everyone doesn’t love every drop!

Alcohol addiction is sometimes is a learned addiction. People really have to make an effort and a lot of dedication to get addicted. The most dangerous thing is people indeed ignore clear warnings before taking it. They forget that they are getting addicted towards something that is hazardous for health.

Now you must be wondering how we get the ability to consume this poison. This is because the human body has been developing over millions of years. Gradually this body received this ability to detect this poison and its effects.

  • Alcohol makes your body sick and unhealthy.
  • Sometimes we use it as a disinfectant.
  • The taste of this poison is not good at all.

Do you know how companies prepare alcohol? Why do people warn you to stop drinking? People usually think that alcohol comes from fruit. Yes! You are right! You have to leave fruits and vegetables in a bucket until they become rotten. Then you just have to drink the leaking fluid because this is how they prepare your favorite drink. Yuck!

Do you still love the idea of alcohol?

It entirely depends on you whether you can leave this addiction or not. Sometimes we take prescribed painkillers. People who stop taking it after some time don’t face any side effects of that. But people who continue taking these painkillers have to suffer from various side effects.

 You need to keep in mind that it’s a drug that is not so good for health. So, stop drinking alcohol and lead a healthy life.

Everyone has to find their own solution

Everyone has a different relationship with alcohol. It’s making your life miserable and destroying your health and reputation. So, it depends on you how you want to leave this addiction.

At first, stop pleasing people and take a healthy decision to kick off the alcohol from your life. Your life will become amazing!