Running is the Only Exercise you Require to Keep Fit

Running helps you stay in shape or get in shape; it is also required to stay fit overall. Running helps each part of your body and alleviates your mood. For good running training, you can visit the website and get a guide on running training.

Following are some of the benefits that would motivate to take up running:

  • Hi-intensity exercise is best for Cardiovascular fitness: Running increases the elasticity of arteries, and arteries carry blood to the heart. It also strengthens your heart, and so the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol get reduced.
  • For faster results running is better than walking: You can burn around 800 calories if you run for an hour; whereas, you can burn 300 calories if you walk for an hour.
  • Achieving and controlling weight for a long period: Every mile you run, you burn about 100 calories. So, to burn 100 calories, all you need is just run for 10 minutes.
  • Hormone peptide YY gets increased due to running: Hormone peptide YY is responsible for controlling your appetite. If you do not run, your body produces more ghrelin hormone, which stimulates the appetite, and you get hungrier and eat more and then become obese.

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  • Running is a type of weight bearing exercise: Musculoskeletal system strengthens if you run. It also improves the stability of joints and helps in the building of bones.
  • Running makes you sleep better: While running your body temperature increases and after your running is over, your temperature gets down fast, and so that triggers your sleep. It also reduces anxiety, stress and other depressive symptoms.
  • Regularly running increases stamina: Your leg muscles are built while you are running regularly. So, your leg energy is increasing, and your leg can push you more. The joints get more strength and will have more power to absorb any stress.
  • Running makes your skin for glowing: Running gives you sweat, which in turn boost natural oils in your skin. So if you run, you will look fresh, and your skin will glow.