How cbd oil can help stroke patients?

Stroke is something that nobody would like to experience. It causes severe neurological damage. According to research, a person can lose up to 2 million brain cells in just a minute during a stroke. Some people recover well from stroke while majority continue to deteriorate. Medical professionals are looking at cbd oil for stroke recovery. The oil does not only protect the body during stroke but most importantly hastens the recovery period. The side effects of using cbd oil are minimal to none as it is natural and safe to use.

Cbd oil can protect the brain after a stroke

If the body is under great deal of stress such as during trauma and injury, the body goes through inflammatory response. A stroke patient’s body undergoes an inflammatory process at the site of the clot. In other words, an increased level of inflammation and oxidation in the damaged cells occur. The cell will release cytokines with the help of a cell receptor TLR4. The release of cytokines triggers the body to produce inflammatory response at a continuing level and worse, the inflammation continues even after stroke. This is the reason why stroke patients have severe damage to the brain cells and the tissues surrounding them.

Cbd oil protects the brain during and after stroke by lowering the level of cytokine. It helps prevent inflammatory immune response thereby saving healthy brain cells. Another good quality of cbd is it acts as a potent antioxidant. Its antioxidant property enables it to counteract the excessive oxidation of the cells. Cbd oil facilitates in removing toxins and dead cells from the body and at the same time promote the growth of healthy cells.

Cbd oil hastens the recovery from stroke

Cbd oil also works well with your cardiovascular health. The risk of stroke increases if cholesterol and plaque build-up in the blood vessels. Once an embolus builds up there is a possibility that it can be dislodged from the blood vessel wall and will eventually travel to the brain causing a stroke. Cbd is a powerful substance as it can greatly decrease the level of bad cholesterol while enhancing the level of good cholesterol. You can read more about cbd by checking this site