Head lice removal tips

Whether you are an adult or a kid having lice in your head it is always perceived as one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you these days. Although lice are normally associated with poor hygiene this is not exactly true since anyone can have lice especially if you have a long hair. Considering the fact that we have to spend a significant amount of time in schools, religious institutions, public parks and other public places it is no surprise to notice lice in your kids’ hair. If you realize this problem it is essential that you take action as fast as possible before it becomes a disaster. You can consider taking your kids to lice removal Minnesota clinic or do it at your home. If you have no time or knowledge to go about removing lice in your kid’s hair taking them to lice removal clinics is always the best option. However, if you have enough time here are important tips you can use to get rid of head lice.

Sufficient research

It no question that being equipped with the right information is one of the best ways of solving any problem no matter how complex it may seem. You need to understand how lice and nit behave so that you can take the right countermeasures. First, you need to understand how to spot lice so that you can take action before the problem escalates. Normally adult lice can be spotted by checking inside the hair; however, you should ensure that the room is well lit since lice do not like light. Nits, on the other hand, are yellowish or whitish sticky substance normally found at the bottom of the hair. Nits love the bottom of the hair since it is most and warm thus ideal for them to thrive.

Get the right tools

Every job is better done if you have the right tools. In the case of lice removal scottsdale az, you will need a steel comb, towel, vinegar or shampoo. Steel comb does a better job in removing nits than a plastic comb since it is not slippery.


Vinegar is highly recommended in removing nits or lice eggs since it has the ability to dissolve chitin. However, it will not help you remove adult lice as it cannot kill them thus you have to remove them separately. To remove the adult lice you need to mix vinegar with other substances such as olive oil that will suffocate both nymphs and adult lice.

To completely remove adult lice, apply a significant amount of olive oil enough to saturate your hair. Wait for a few minutes for the adult lice to dies then apply an equal mixture of vinegar and water. Make sure you rub the vinegar to apply it near the scalp. Wait for the chitin to dissolve the comb your hair in one direction to remove the nits and head lice. This process should be repeated for two or three consecutive days and you will be guaranteed that all you are now lice free.

There is information on the internet that claims that lice can be removed using specific pesticides but this is not recommended as the pesticides can end up endangering your life. If you find home lice removal remedies as difficult you should consider visiting a lice removal clinic.