Signs Your Parent’s Sight May Need Looking At


As our parents get older, we need to look out for any signs and symptoms that they may be experiencing any sort of health problem. According to Live In Care Hub ( and their Better At Home Report, the vast majority of elderly people would rather stay at home than move into a residential care home. However, this means that we need to pay more attention to our parents’ wellbeing so we can help them manage their health. Below, we reveal some of the signs that your parent’s sight may need looking at. 

They are not looking in the right direction when listening 

If you have noticed that your loved one does not look at you properly when you are speaking or they do not look in the right direction when watching television, this is a good indication that their sight has deteriorated. They may look to the side of you, rather than making full eye contact with you. 

They often have irritated eyes or discomfort 

Another sign to look out for is eye discomfort and irritation. This could indicate that your loved one is experiencing an age-related eye problem. It could be dry eye syndrome. However, there are many other issues related to eye irritation and so it is always better to get it checked out. 

They can’t see certain things

If your loved one’s vision seems to be fine and then now and again they can’t see certain things, this could indicate that they have blind spots in their vision. This can be dangerous, often resulting in falls. That is why an eye exam is required as soon as possible to diagnose the problem. 

Their hand writing has gotten very messy 

If someone is not able to see properly, then they won’t be able to see their writing. This can result in their handwriting becoming very messy. This is something you may have noticed in birthday cards or while watching your parent fill in a form. When you notice that someone’s hand writing is a lot messier than usual, it is easy to assume that they have simply stopped trying or that their hands have gotten shaky with old age. However, it could be something to do with their sight, and so it is definitely worth checking this out before it gets worse.  

They have moved closer to the television 

If your parent is sitting a lot closer to the television than usual, this may be because they were unable to see as effectively from their previous position. 

So there you have it: some of the signs you need to look out for that indicate that your parent could be experiencing vision problems. If you have noticed any of the indications that have been discussed above, this could mean that your parent is struggling to see properly, and so you should definitely make sure they get their eyes tested as soon as possible. 


Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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