What are considered as Dental Emergencies?

We understand how upsetting it is to lose a dental crown, but you will be able to wait for its treatment a few days. Yet, there are some upsetting situations where you will not have the luxury of waiting. How do I know if I need emergency dental care? If this is the question that pops in your mind right away, the answer is, the need for emergency dental care depends on the level of trauma to your gums and teeth and the amount of pain you experience. When you deal with a dental problem, which is quite intolerable, your first call should be to your dentist. What if you encounter a severe issue on a weekend or midnight? Relax, if you are dealing with dental problems outside office hours, you should check with an emergency dentist Blacktown right away. However, it is vital that you should know and understand the difference between real emergency, which can cost you a tooth or even threaten your health and the standard dental issue which you can wait until morning. Here is everything you should know about identifying dental emergencies.

How to identify a dental emergency?

Not all dental situations should be considered an emergency. To help you differentiate the need for visiting an emergency dentist, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have you lost a tooth? Immediate treatment can possibly save your tooth.
  • Do you suffer a loose tooth? A loose tooth during adulthood, even with no pain, is a severe problem to be addressed immediately.
  • Are you in severe pain or bleeding? If that’s the case, you should see an emergency dentist right away.
  • Do you suffer a severe infection? An infection or an abscess in your mouth can be potential, which needs immediate dental attention. You shouldn’t wait in such case.
  • Are you bleeding from the mouth? This is again, a potential sign for an emergency visit to the dentist.

Generally, dental problems which require immediate dental attention to alleviate severe pain, severe infection, save a tooth or to stop bleeding is considered an emergency.

If you suffer any of the listed symptoms, you might be experiencing a dental emergency. Call or visit dentist Blacktown immediately and discuss with him what happened.

What is not a dental emergency?

  • Chipped tooth and you don’t feel any pain
  • Mild or bearable toothache
  • Small crack in the tooth which doesn’t pain
  • Lost filling
  • Lost crown

Generally, if you can afford to wait for a few days to receive treatment, you don’t have a dental emergency. For instance, if the chip in your tooth is small, your dentist can repair it in a few days after the accident. However, you should visit the dentist when the chip is large in your tooth with sharp edges right away. Requiring Dental Care from emergency dentist Blacktown depends on the severity of individual cases.

A toothache can also be managed to wait for treatment as long as the pain is not severe. However, if you experience any symptoms of an abscess such as bumps on the gums, high fever, or swelling in the face, you should visit an emergency dentist right away. Swelling in the face in the cheek area can mean a problem with your wisdom teeth such as impaction which might require wisdom teeth removal Blacktown.

Every single tooth in your mouth is valuable, it not only helps you chew and eat but also gives you the perfect smile and confidence. Never compromise your oral health!

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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