Do Pets Need Supplements And Vitamins? What You Should Know

As children, we all remember the days where our parents would get us to drink our vitamins. The luckiest of us would be given yummy gummies that are packed with essential vitamins and supplements while others weren’t so lucky. If we were told that we should add supplements to our daily diet, does the same sentiment apply to our pets?

There are the facts about pet vitamin and supplements every pet lover should know:

Vitamins Are Found In Commercially Processed Pet Food

Pet owners who rely on commercially processed pet food should take the time to read the labels before feeding their pets. Most already contain the essential vitamins and supplements a pet needs which means adding more vitamins is unnecessary. However, pets who eat homemade meals might benefit from added vitamins and supplements.

As a responsible and caring pet lover, giving vitamins should not be done “just because”. Always consult with your vet about the proper dosage and the correct type of supplements to give to your pets. A veterinary pharmacy compounding expert can create the perfectly balanced meal that has all the vitamins and nutrients your pets need, minus the excessive processing of commercially available pet food.

There Is Such A Thing As Too Much

Giving your pets an excess of supplements can lead to more harm than good. For example, too much calcium consumption can lead to skeletal problems for large-breed puppies. Excessive amounts of Vitamin A harms the blood vessels and may even cause dehydration as well as pain in the joints. Too much Vitamin D may affect a pet’s appetite while also causing harm to the bones and it can even lead to muscle atrophy.

Not All Supplements Work

Just like bodybuilders and health buffs who take supplements, you have to choose the right one for your dogs. Not all supplements work the way they are marketed and sometimes pet owners end up feeding their pets junk instead of actual nutrients. Be careful about given your pets commercially available supplements that offer a lot of promises. Only use those that have been prescribed by the vet and deemed necessary for your pet’s daily diet.

A Well-Balanced Diet Is Key

Supplements and vitamins are only necessary when a pet is malnourished or lacking in any of the necessary vitamins and nutrients to live a good life. However, all pet owners should consult with a vet first before adding any supplements to their pets’ diet just to be sure the additional vitamins will not lead to health problems.

As long as your pets are given a healthy and well-balanced diet and they get the appropriate amount of daily exercise, they will not need any supplements.

How A Veterinary Pharmacy Compounding Service Can Help

A compounding pharmacy specializes in creating food that is packed with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients a pet will need. Pets that have been diagnosed with a certain vitamin deficiency can benefit the most from compounding services. As long as there a prescription is given by an animal hospital or a veterinarian, the compounding pharmacy can create the perfect feed for your pets.

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