Wellness Products for Men, just a ‘Click Away’

‘Change’ is one thing that is constant in life. Every decade brings a new set of changes in most of the aspects of our lives, be it technology, fashion, travel, etc. and you need to adapt to the changes in order to stay ‘relevant & ‘inline’ with the changes. During the early 90’s there was a trend of Bermuda pants for men, but now that clothing style has gone completely out of fashion. Nowadays most of the men prefer wearing Jeans or something that makes them feel comfortable. One more thing that was very prominent in the heroes of Indian films was that they were very comfortable in exposing their body hair (especially chest hair) and amount of chest hair was also considered as a sign of masculinity, but now memes are created using those movie clips The main protagonist in any movie can be seen flaunting their masculine body, particularly biceps and one thing that has changed is that they no longer sport any chest hair.

Nowadays more & more men are comfortable with the removal of body hair and in some cases; they even opt for softer skin after hair removal. Many medical practitioners have also explained the hygienic implications of keeping the body parts free of body hair (especially chest). The proportion of men opting for the option are increasing with each passing day and in order to meet those demands, brands have come up with hair removal cream for men. In fact, more & more men are now opting for grooming options like women.

The new age man is constantly looking to be in-line with the latest trends since it boosts the confidence and heis able to seek female attention. For hair-removal near the arm/chest areas, they can either opt for costly options like Laser treatment, Electrolysis, etc. that have a lasting effect, or they could opt for affordable options like hair cream, waxing, etc. that do not allow the hair to grow for a couple of weeks/months. Though we are changing with changing times; there are some experiences can still make you feel awkward. If you plan to buy men’s hair removal cream from a known chemist, you might feel a bit shy & awkward to tell him your requirement. With the advent of the internet and explosion of online commerce, you would always prefer to buy an item like men’s hair removal cream from a website that provides online medical delivery. As the product is shipped in a discrete packaging, you need not worry about the privacy. There are many medical stores that have an omnichannel presence i.e. products are shipped from their closest store, but customer privacy is guaranteed.

One more trend that is fast picking up amongst men is the ‘beard‘. You can see most of the actors, cricketers, etc. sport a beard, but one thing that is common in all of them is that the beard is very well maintained. There is a possibility that they would not only be regularly trimming the beardbut also applying shampoo, bear softener cream, beard hair growth oil or any other beard grooming products to maintain the beard.  Since cricketers and actors are followed religiously, many men want to follow their style. Companies like Beardo have a range of beard-grooming products with which you can take utmost care of your beard.

Trends keep changing with times, but whatever be the trend, you need to use the right products for your own your well-being!