Benefits of Vitamin D on a woman’s body

There’s more to the sun than just light. It’s one of the biggest sources of vitamin D and sometimes it’s a solution to a bad mood and can also improve physical health. This especially is good news for women as the hormone that is augmented by the sunrays plays a very vital role in women’s health. One thing we all know about Vitamin D is its positive impacts on bone health, it doesn’t stop there. Here, we will be looking at the benefits of Vitamin D on a woman’s body.

It toughens the bones 

One of the most discussed benefits of Vitamin D is its ability to strengthen the bones as well as building them. Vitamin D doesn’t let your bones get brittle and reduces the risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis 

Helps improve the immune system and attack infection

It’s not just Vitamin C that helps improve the immune system, vitamin D also plays a pivotal role in it.  Not only that some recent studies have shown that it can help fight various harmful viruses and bacteria and can prove very beneficial in fighting COVID 19. But this study still needs some more clarification to make it clear whether it’s just a mere correlation or a link that is casual.   

Improves oral health

Since Vitamin D helps improve the absorption of calcium, it plays a pivotal role in aiding our oral health, reducing the chances of any gum infection or tooth decay. A review of the Journal of the Tennessee Dental Association in 2011 reports that due to Vitamins D’s positive impact on bone metabolism and its capability to act as an anti-inflammatory, it’s very beneficial for oral health as well. This does not exclude the fact that one should take of its dental hygiene and doesn’t leave everything on Vitamin D.

It Helps keeps obesity in check 

Vitamin D can dissolve in fat so it gets captured in the fatty tissue and doesn’t help the body as it should. The people having obesity issues are likely to have Vitamin D deficiency but again it’s linked to how much time you are spending outdoors especially for women as its recommended to do some physical activity as it helps Vitamin D to keep the obesity under control and helps in losing the weight as well.

Vitamin D assists in battling against depression

As we talked about at the start of this article that sunlight can take care of your bad mood and if the sun can then vitamin D can too. Not only that the researchers have found out that there is a substantial relation between depression and vitamin D. Although there is still a lot of grey to how vitamin D can help in depression and a lot of research is still required to be sure of how this works.

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