Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Laboratory Incubator

A laboratory incubator is a vital device in any clinic or research facility. If you are working in a laboratory engaged in cell culture, then an incubator is something you use on almost a daily basis.

While laboratory incubators are known for their high-level efficiency, reliable results derived from them require proper use and maintenance. There are also models that can be very pricey, you wouldn’t want to replace your machine too often.

Maintaining your laboratory incubator is rather easy. Among the simple maintenance tips that you can do to ensure that it works at top shape are:

1. Place your unit properly.

Make it a point to place the incubator at a flat, level surface, such as a floor or a platform with adequate floor space. Incubators shake, so they need to be placed in stable surfaces that do not put them at risk of falling whenever they start moving.

2. Monitor temperature.

While the incubator has temperature controls that can be kept at constant, temperatures can fluctuate too. If you notice that the temperature in the incubator is decreasing or increasing in levels no longer suitable for your cell culture, then have the unit checked or cleaned up right away.

3. Monitor humidity and CO2.

Humidity and CO2 levels inside the incubator can also be kept at constant, but eventually they can trigger the development of molds and other fungi. When you start seeing that the incubator becomes colder or develops mists inside, then unplug the unit and prepare it for cleaning.

4. Clean the incubator regularly.

Regular cleaning helps a lot in keeping your incubator in top shape. Cleaning can take place at least once a week, depending on how frequently the incubator is used. You can clean the unit using a prescribed disinfectant solution, discarding unused cell cultures, and removing all spotted spills thoroughly.

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