Benefits of Caimon Oil

Alligator oil has been used since ancient times. Our ancestors used it to treat diseases and keep themselves healthy, and keep their nails, hair, and skin shiny and beautiful. Today, alligator oil has been refined and combined with a drop of Vitamin E and Lavender to create Caimon Oil. With the perfect balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) this unique oil has many benefits that might be unknown to you, don’t worry we are here to fill you in on some of its best uses.

  1. Acne:

Acne is one of the most common problems and not just for many teenagers and youth. Stress, poor eating habits, and lack of sleep are seeing more and more adults suffering from acne breakouts as well.  While there are TONS of acne creams, lotions, and home remedies, most don’t address the imbalance in the natural oil your skin produces, and the inflammation caused by the breakouts themselves. Caimon Oil’s highly absorbable formula penetrates the skin and doesn’t leave you with a greasy feeling.  Its anti-bacterial properties help fight off the germs which can make breakouts worse and finally, Caimon Oils anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the redness and pain caused by skin eruptions. Apply it every night on the affected area for 15 minutes before going to the bed.

  1. Skin Conditions:

Extreme weather conditions and the many chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis, often result in issues like dry skin, dandruff, and age spots. Caimon Oil can be extremely beneficial in addressing these concerns. It is transdermal in nature, which means that it penetrates deep into the skin bringing moisture and healing benefits from the first day of its use. It even helps to reduce the signs of scarring.

  1. Psoriasis:

Records show that a great number of people worldwide suffer from psoriasis and the worst part is that there are no known cures. However, Caimon Oil can be used to ease some of the worst symptoms.  It can reduce the inflammation associated with a psoriasis outbreak and it can help with the skin rashes and itching. These benefits are also available to anyone suffering from eczema.

Caimon Oil is even great with treating joint pain, nail fungus, and many other skin diseases and medical conditions.