To Build More Muscles, You Can Try SARMs

When you talk about performance-enhancing drugs, the subject is touchy. A lot of people consider them cheating, and some infamous varieties are very dangerous, such as steroids.

In the last few years or decade, a new exciting class of drug that is performance-enhancing has come in the market. They are called SARMs or selective androgen receptor modulators. Though researches haven’t been carried out in large scale yet, from the smaller researchers, SARMs are looking promising. SARMs burn fat and build muscle similar to steroids, but without the side-effects of steroids, such as liver-destroying, unsightly body hair growth or ball shrinking. SARMs act on the hormones in a targeted way, and if you want to shed fat and build your muscle rapidly, it has got the potential.

Till now experiments have been done on rats. But for long-time human research, hasn’t been carried out yet on SARMs. Might be it has some side-effects, and we yet don’t know about. Playing with hormone is after all a risky affair.

Working of SARMs

Are SARMs better than steroids? Boosting your hormones with a steroid is same as tweaking a microchip with a sledgehammer. Steroids increase testosterone and protein synthesis increases inside your cells, which in turn burn your fat and build muscle. And it is great as it is the anabolic side of steroids.

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What is not great is that it interacts with prostate, heart, liver, sex organs by shrinking men’s balls and enlargement of the clitoris of women. It also interacts with the secondary sex characteristics of a human, such as man boobs, body hair growth, depth of voice, acne, etc. They are androgenic part of steroids.

The ratio between anabolic-to-androgenic is 1:1 on steroids.

Whereas, in SARMs the ratio is 3:1 at the start and reaches as high as 90:1. That is why SARMs are innovative, as they are selective. So, you will have fat loss and muscle growth using SARMs, but you won’t get turned into a bearded lady, or you won’t have man boobs. The best thing is that no need to take SARMs via injection, you can take them orally.

Disclaimer: World Anti-Doping Agency has put a ban on SARMs for athletic competition. Therefore, you shouldn’t use SARMs if you are a professional athlete. If you just want to improve your physical performance, and you are not participating in any sports, it would be worth trying SARMs.

Where to buy SARMs from?

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