Test Negative On Drug Tests – Methods used to Beat UDT

Smoking weed and taking other prohibited drugs are usual activities and it is normal to meet someone, who is a drug dependent. These individuals are just like other commoners, who are enjoying their daily routines. Being one of them, what if one day, you have to face the challenge of beating a Urine Drug Testing or UDT? Actually, the decision is yours, so the result lies in your hands. You will absolutely want to receive a negative result, right? But you cannot achieve this without exerting effort and if you do not have ample time to prepare for the said medical exam.

What type of user are you? The amount of substances you consumed is a big factor that can affect the result of your UDT. Therefore, if you are willing to abstain, then you should start it as early as possible, even before they require you to perform the laboratory exam. Now, if you are determined to go on with the high-feeling that prohibited drugs are giving you, then you will have to think of other ways on how to beat the UDT. When you are planning to fake your specimen and clear a drug test with synthetic urine, make sure to get a high quality product.

Aside from that, you may also want to alter and add various substances in the sample. But here, you must know exactly what you need because this action may lead to suspicions once adulterants are detected. You might also want to perform various cleansing methods at home and with this, I suggest you to consult an expert. As a drug dependent, you have a lot of things to know when it comes to preparing for a medical exam. I know that your goal is to have a negative result. Therefore, check on different methods and see what works for you.

Synthetic Urine

Fake pee sounds interesting and it’s like the simplest way to trick and cheat the laboratory exam. Indeed, this liquid or powder mixture will really look like a human piss and even smells the same. So, who will think of it as a fake sample? But you will likely succeed only if you can use it on testing day. Sometimes, the laboratory attendants are there to supervise. Therefore, you have to quickly think of ways on how you can fool them.

And then, not all synthetic urine products come with the right ingredients. That’s why you should also check and try it at home to be sure that it will show a negative result. The components that you have to look for in a package are albumin powder for protein, sodium chloride or table salt, potassium chloride, sodium phosphate and creatinine phosphate to check certain levels. Do not forget the most important content, which is the uric acid because without this, your pee would be very suspicious.

By the way, check the expiration of the product to avoid failures. And then, it would be great, if the package comes with a heating pad. Remember that real piss would be warm and so, make sure to maintain the right temperature by using this pad. I guess, you need more helpful hints on keeping the piss warm.


Now, how about messing with your piss? Be very careful with this method because there are laboratories with upgraded facilities. They are already aware that some applicants are using adulterants. Therefore, they are now checking the chemicals or substances added in the sample because these are not usually found in a human specimen.

Nitrite is one of the commonly used adulterants, which is in-charged with breaking down the drug metabolites in the piss. Another one is the glutaraldehyde, which will mess up your pee and leading to a false negative result. When this happens, you will have to retake and delay the result. Some individuals are also adding oxidizers, such as hydrogen peroxide and bleach. This destroys the drug metabolites in the sample, but it would be very doubtful when detected because there should be no presence of these oxidizers in a human liquid waste.


One way to cleanse your body from unwanted substances is by using detox programs. Flushing away the toxin is an essential preparation for every individual, who will perform a UDT. Basically, you just have to buy detox products in the market. These are available in various packages like juice and pills. With this cleansing, it is also important for you to drink a lot of water daily. Let’s say that you will need a minimum of eight glasses of water is needed.

You really need to lose some weight here. Therefore, avoid eating fatty and junk foods. Instead, start eating healthy and nutritious foods. It would be ideal to consult a nutritionist for your diet meals. It would great, if you can try some home remedies to supplement your detox program. You may drink some fruit juice, too. And then, do not forget to consult an expert to give you some vitamins like Vitamin B2 or B12.

To help the cleansing method more effective, you have to pump your body by exercising. This will also lead to a better result because you need to sweat and burn those fats, where the drug metabolites are stored. Anyway, go to https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Drugs-Out-of-Your-System for more detox tip.


While you are working on a detox program, if possible, abstain from smoking weed as well as taking illegal drugs. I know that it would be very difficult to quit, but you have to adjust to the system to accomplish your goal – a negative test result. You just have to bear with it for the mean time and then, when you were able to beat the UDT, you may continue, if you want to go through the same challenges again.

To be a drug dependent is not easy because rehabilitation takes time. It is also possible that you would like to abstain, but your time is not enough. Therefore, you have decided to replace your specimen with a synthetic urine or to practice adulteration.