An Innovative Approach to Alcohol Monitoring in the Digital Age

With the help of an FDA-approved breathalyzer and a series of smart notifications and reports, Soberlink provides real-time confirmation of sobriety. In order to do configurable remote patient monitoring for alcohol usage, Soberlink integrates face recognition with tamper detection and Advanced Reporting features. Soberlink’s individualized testing may be adapted to meet the needs of any parenting plan to safeguard the wellbeing of the children involved. Professionals may see patient test results in real-time and respond accordingly.

Most instances involving alcohol misuse include the Family Court, where Soberlink is utilized to protect the children involved. The Monitored Client will submit two to three tests per day at certain times, with findings sent immediately with all parties named in the Monitoring Agreement. This number may vary depending on the co-program parent’s level. With the use of cutting-edge innovations like Soberlink, parents can keep in touch with their children and CPs can rest easy knowing that their kids are safe.

There are a variety of options for substance abuse treatment, and SOBERLINK Monitoring Services is one option. This innovative online accountability tool has been shown to be helpful in promoting long-term abstinence, and it may be utilized both during and after formal treatment. Users agree, by signing a contract, to submit to random sobriety tests utilizing the SOBERLINK portable breathalyzer. Clients get two daily test reminder texts. If everything seems OK, the staff will get in touch with the customer. After 15 minutes of silence, the team will call the client’s therapist to begin the predetermined next step. Throughout the whole process, the SOBERLINK team works with customers to set testing schedules, develop accountability strategies, and answer any questions they may have.

Is There Any Way to Get Ahead in Your Career Without Using Cutting-Edge Tech Like Soberlink?

In a number of ways, family law attorneys may benefit from using remote alcohol monitoring using tools like Soberlink. One reason is that the findings obtained via Soberlink are respected and acceptable in court. As a result, the information gleaned from testing may be utilized in legal processes to either support or refute allegations of alcohol addiction.

A Family Law Attorney that has to counteract hearsay for a client might use Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting to prove their client’s sobriety. Soberlink’s reports provide useful information into a co-alcohol parent’s intake and use a common color code to indicate compliance, noncompliance, and missing tests, which may simplify litigation.

One way that lawyers might differentiate themselves is by using cutting-edge tools like Soberlink. Clients’ confidence in you as they depend on your knowledge and direction during a case may increase if your business is up to date.


In a child custody dispute, alcohol monitoring may be the deciding factor that allows both parents to remain actively engaged in their children’s life. Family law professionals may speed custody proceedings, enhance results, and continue to be a useful resource for their clients with the aid of remote technology like Soberlink monitoring device reviews that makes alcohol monitoring much simpler to administer.