The Best Running Gear of the Year

Whether you are running to keep yourself fit or you are running professionally, the running gears are an important part of running. There are several outfits and gears for the runners. Some are perfect, whereas some lag the necessities. So, here we are discussing the best running gears of the year to help you pick the best option for you.

Running belts that hug the body and hold your vitals such as keys mobile phone and gels.

  1. Bodbud running belt

The Bodbud running belt is spacious enough to hold iPhone7 (and plus sized phones) and even after that has ample room for the keys and other important stuff such as gels and small bottles. It is easy to wear because of the adjustment straps and unbuckling is also that simple. The adjustable running belt is perfect gear for the runners. It has the flipbelt design which is the most elegant lightest solution around. No bounce is possible due to the fit and closeness which is inherent part of the design. It tops this list of best running belts.

  1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Music always helps while running; therefore, the headphones become an important gear for the runners. While selecting a Bluetooth headphone you must remember to check how it fits, its battery life, and whether it’s waterproof or not. The Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a perfect option because it has a secure fit, is wireless, has Bluetooth connectivity, is sweat proof and waterproof, durable, and has long battery life.

  1. Body Glide Anti-chafing product

Body chafing and blisters are a common phenomenon among the runners, but you can control it by applying balm that is non-sticky. The Body Glide stick can be applied on your legs, neck, or arms to soothe the skin without giving that oily feeling. An invisible, dry, and non-greasy balm from the body will help you in running for a long time.

  1. New Balance shorts for women

During the summers, shorts are an integral part of the running gear. The three-inch shorts have semi-split on the side to help you when you pace up and down. Another added advantage of this short is that it comes with a back pocket to store your keys and money however the smart people will use a bodbud or other best running belt to store things.

  1. Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses

This one is a bit expensive; however, if you are looking for the best sunglasses for runners, then nothing can beat this one. it is durable, 100% UVA protection, lightweight, reduces glare, and fits securely. You can choose either the polarized options or the non-polarized option.

  1. Brooks Levitate 2 running shoes

This particular shoe comes with more cushions and its ankle length height gives you the feeling of socks. If you are recovering from an injury, then this shoe is the perfect companion for you. It will help you when you speed and are apt for shorter races.

  1. Nike Swoosh Doublewide Wrist Bands

It is a good moisture absorbent gear as it is made out of 74% cotton. The blend of synthetic gives the wicking factor; however, it is definitely going to last long. It is stylish, functional, impressive, comfortable, five-inches long, and durable.

These are some of the best running gears of the year that you can make use of while running. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional runner, the gears and accessories provided here will only help you to put your best foot forward.