5 surprising things you didn’t know about using condoms

Are you a regular condom user? Whether you are one or not, you should read this article to know some facts you may not be appraised of yet.

It is an established fact that condoms keep you and your partner safe from unwanted pregnancies and STDs. But though you use condoms for sex, are you aware that –

1 They are not 100% effective. If you’re a Friends fan, you will remember that episode where Ross cannot believe Rachel is pregnant – the two of them have used a condom for sex. She then proceeds to tell him that condoms are effective about 97% of the time. That’s right – condoms are the most effective form of birth control, but they are not 100% effective. If you and your woman are looking for sex without the tress of pregnancy, it might be a good idea for her to go on some form of birth control as well.

2 Condoms sizes vary as per geographical location. You went on a foreign holiday and came back with two packs of condoms that were highly recommended by a friend living there. The pack says ‘M’, the same size you use. But when you wear it, the condom is too big for you. This happens because condom sizes in the West are larger, while those for Asia are smaller. Instead of being saddled with an ill-fitting condom that ruins the sexual experience, it is best to buy condoms in your home country and stick to the size that fits best.

3 The withdrawal method rarely works as contraception – just buy a condom and get on with it. If you think that withdrawing your penis just before ejaculation is a safe method of sex, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Even the pre-ejaculate contains sperms, so if your female partner is not wearing a condom or is not on the pill, then she might get pregnant if she is ovulating. Only a condom provides an effective barrier against insemination and transferring STDs. Buy a condom pack and keep one in your wallet so that you are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

4 Your condom can hurt or pleasure your partner. Have you ever asked your partner what their opinion is about the condoms you use? Some condoms are lubed on the outside so that they don’t cause friction upon penetration. But if the condom is slightly thick and not lubed, you might end up causing pain by chafing. On the other hand, a ribbed and dotted condom can send your partner into raptures. A word to the wise: buy a condom that both partners can enjoy.

5 The condom can do things that you never imagined possible. Leading condom manufacturers have devised a range of condoms that heighten your sensations and pleasure during sex. Some increase pleasure for your partner (lubed, dotted and ribbed), some are meant for better oral sex (flavoured) and others delay climax for him while speeding up climax for her (extended pleasure condoms). Finding the right balance for sex is about buying condoms of different types and experimenting with them to discover what works for both of you.