How to Prevent Heart Disease?

The most common root cause of death is heart disease mainly in the United States. There are various risks associated with heart disease. Some of them you can control but some maybe not are in your control.

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Risk factors that cannot control:

Here comes the list of some factors, which cannot be controlled that include:

·       Age

With the increment in age, the risk of heart disease will also increase. The woman of age 55 and men of the age more than 45 may have a high risk.

·       Family history

If your family member had heart disease at an early age, you may also have a high risk of heart disease.

These are the two major factors that are not in your hand. But, various ways can lessen the risk of heart disease. Along with it, here come the tips that you can implement for lowering the risk of getting heart disease.

How to lower the risk of heart disease?

There are plenty of things, which you can consider to lower the risk of heart disease. So, let’s discuss these tips:

·       Control the blood pressure

You will be amazed to know that high blood pressure is the major factor behind heart disease. All you need to do is work on checking your blood pressure. If you find any changes such as high or low blood pressure, you need to work on controlling it. You can take special steps for preventing this problem.

·       Stay at a healthy weight

Obesity or overweight can enhance the risk of heart disease. The reason is that these are linked with various other heart disease risk factors such as high blood cholesterol, diabetes, and so on. All you need to do is work on maintaining a healthy weight. Along with it, you can follow the specific diet plan and do some exercises.

·       Do the regular exercise

No one can deny the fact that exercise comes with various benefits such as strengthening the heart, enhancing circulation, and so on. It can be fruitful in maintaining a healthy weight. So, you can add some exercises to your daily schedule.

·       Limit the consumption of alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol can enhance your blood pressure. It is like adding calories, which may lead to weight gain. When it comes to limit, men should take two alcoholic drinks each day while women should not consume more than one.

·       Manage the stress

Stress is connected to heart disease in various ways. It can enhance blood pressure. All you need to do for managing stress is to listen to music, meditation, pay attention to peaceful things, and so on.

In the end, these are some ways you can deal with the problem of heart disease. Additionally, take the doctor’s prescription to add the best exercises. Do the best for you to keep yourself healthy.

Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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