Signs you are Suffering from Depression

Have you recently felt weird? Has someone told you that you are changing or your behavior has changed? Have you suddenly become anti-social?

It doesn’t matter whether you have depression or not, all that matters is that you know about the signs that tell you that you are suffering from this issue. A lot of people go through wide symptoms of depression, but they are unable to realize it.

Firstly, you should know that depression can happen to anyone. It is not that an individual who has been through a lot of traumatic experiences in his life is the only one who can get “affected” from depression. It is a kind of mental illness that can happen to someone who has every luxury in life.

According to the depression research study, the rate of depression in people is increasing tremendously. If you wish to know whether you show signs of depression, you are on the right page. Here are a few things you have to make a checklist of and find out whether you are going through depression. If yes, ensure to visit a good psychiatrist so that you can get treated on an ASAP basis:

  • No matter how nice the weather is, you just don’t feel like going out and meeting people.
  • You are often lost in your own thoughts, making it difficult for you to understand the meanings of friendship, life and happiness.
  • Your behavior has changed after some sort of a trauma you have been through.
  • You are not grateful for anything in your life. You have a great job, an excellent family and a beautiful life, but you are just not happy with anything at all.
  • You feel sad without any reason. Your thoughts are negative and you personally dislike that.
Kherk Roldan

Kherk Roldan

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