Work of some of the Famous Medical Device Companies

There are renowned companies which provide medical instruments to different medical hospitals which lead to development of the hospital itself. These hospitals are provided with newly devices and instruments every time a new device is launched. Some of the medical device companies have higher ranks in the world which help other companies.

Names of some medical device companies

  • Medtronic- this is an Ireland based company. It includes four medical groups on which it works and they are-
  1. Diabetes group
  2. CVG (Cardiac and Vascular Group)
  3. MITG (Minimally Invasive Therapies Group)
  4. RTG (Restorative Therapies Group)
  • Johnson & Johnson- it is a US based company. it includes number of medical devices and some of the mains are-
  1. Biosene Webster
  2. Ethicon
  3. Acclarent
  4. Cerenovus
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific- it is a US based company. It makes devices for different purposes like analytical instruments, laboratory products and life science devices.
  • Philips- it is a Netherlands based company. The business segment of the company includes treatment, diagnosis, health informatics and connected care. 
  • GE Healthcare- it is a US based company. Most of the devices made here are for biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical solution services.
  • Fresenius Medical Care- it is a US based company. It is a company which makes medical devices and services for chronic kidney failures.
  • Abbott Laboratories- it is a US based company. It provides its services in the field of nutrition and generic pharmaceutical services.
  • Becton Dickinson- it is a US based company and it provides its services in three fields- medical, science and intervention.
  • Cardinal health- it is a US based company with the business of pharmaceutical and medical divisions.
  • Siemens Healthineers- it is a German based company which divides its business in three categories- imaging, advance therapies and diagnostics.

These are the most renowned healthcare companies preferred for the proper health of a person.