What Makes the Virya Shodhan Vati Important?

Everyone knows that there is a 30% probability that the reason behind a sterile couple is the fault of the man. It all starts with food and its composition. If you are worried about your sperm count and are skeptical about the food that you have every day, your fears are not baseless.

Nutrition for “Fertile” Sperm

Vitamin C improves sperm quality. Daily intake of 500 mg of vitamin greatly increases the likelihood of conception! The trace element, zinc, is quite effective—it participates in the formation of sperm, the exchange of testosterone and the normal functioning of the sex glands. Where to get? Beef, seeds, bran. Another interesting idea is that strong sexual arousal increases sperm count by 50%. Peanuts contain large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids that help in achieving high levels of testosterone.Products that improve the quality of sperm are corn, cheese, pumpkin seeds, black caviar, oysters, celery, walnuts, liver, milk, and salmon.

What to Avoid

First, immediately and forever need to say goodbye to junk food. It is known that men suffering from obesity are much more likely to have a decrease in potency indicated in spermogram indicators than those with normal weight or even a little less than it. But it turned out that even in lean men, consumption of fatty protein foods worsens spermogram performance, even though their weight remains within the normal range.

  • In addition, excess body fat increases the level of the female hormone estrogen. Therefore, fat men often have effeminate facial features, “chest”, “pregnant” belly and thin voice. So, exclude tobacco, cheese, ice cream, cheeseburgers from the diet,they bind testosterone, and also lead to weight gain. Both of these factors worsen potency in men.

By the way, scientists believe that male fertility is steadily decreasing from generation to generation due to environmental degradation, accelerated life rhythm, and the accumulation of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Also, doctors have long known that the fertility of a man is positively affected by the constantly high consumption of fruits and vegetables with a high content of ascorbic and folic acid. Vitamin C directly affects sperm production. Its deficiency leads to a drastic depletion of sperm count, as well as partial atrophy of the testicles.

It is true that 1000 mg of virya shodhan vati is a large dose, especially for those who are at risk for gastritis or stomach ulcer, and it turned out that a dose of 200 mg is also effective. 3-4 months of continuous intake of 200 mg or 2 months of 1000 mg of vitamin C is quite enough for those men in whom shifts in dosage is generally possible. Moreover, to replenish the required amount, it is enough for a man to eat 3 average-sized oranges a day, each of which contains about 70 mg of ascorbic acid. It should be remembered that smokers dose increases almost doubled due to the fact that tobacco smoke binds almost a third of vitamin C. In addition, if a man has other problems that reduce his fertility (prostatitis, etc.), then these problems should be addressed parallel to the intake of vitamins.