CT Medical Marijuana Certification Guide

Receiving a CT medical marijuana card requires certain steps that one must follow. Patients must visit a physician who is certified to dispense marijuana as medication and determine whether the patient has one of the approved conditions according to the CT Board of Physicians. The patient must have one of the 22 medical conditions that are approved for treatment with medical marijuana. There are other conditions approved by the CT Board of Physicians that have not gone through legislature yet.

Patients meet with certified prescribers to discuss the symptoms of their condition, and the physician will verify if their condition can or cannot be treated with medical marijuana. Some of the most common ailments that patients wish to alleviate are depression, pain, anxiety, and difficulty with sleeping.

The Process

For patients that are seeking the benefits of medical marijuana without the high, there are products that offer symptom relief without THC. There are 8 dispensaries in CT which offer products high in CBD rather than THC (the chemical that produces the ‘high’ effect.) When the patient is finally approved into the CT Medical Marijuana program, they will receive an email from the Department of Consumer Protection. Then, in order to register, they must show proof of CT residency and upload a photo ID. The entire process takes about 4 weeks from registration, during which time the patient will receive a temporary CT Medical Marijuana Card. For the medical cannabis card cost, read blow.

There are 3 fees for obtaining a CT Medical Marijuana card:

  1. Evaluation Fee – This will between $175 and $200 for the Medical Marijuana program. Veterans pay $150 and first-time patients pay $175.
  2. MMJ State Registration – The patient must register with the State of CT for $100.
  3. Cost of Medical Marijuana – Throughout the dispensaries in CT, prices will vary. This will depend on the needs of the patient from their condition. You can pre-order marijuana from many dispensaries.

How to Renew Your CT Medical Marijuana Card


For the cannabis card renewal of your CT Medical Marijuana Card, it will cost $125. The card in CT is valid for one year before it needs to be renewed. A few weeks before the expiration date is when your physician should use the same DOCP portal to renew your certification.

It is wise for the patient to visit the dispensary of their choice and make an appointment with the pharmacist. They will go over all forms of cannabis they offer including vape pens, sublingual (under the tongue), oral cannabis and traditional cannabis. Yearly visits with the prescribing medical professional are required for all marijuana card renewals in CT.